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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rambling along

Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be, the last of life, for which the first was made.- Robert Browning

Birthdays are funny old things. When you're a kid it's the highlight of the year but at some point you grow out of them. They're nice enough in their way but they get in the road of other stuff. I have too much other stuff to fuss over much about my birthday.

Dearest cooked tea [crumbed chook & salad, which is what I asked for] & Ditz made cheesecake for desert. Birthdays are always a good excuse for that girl to indulge her sweet tooth & she did a lovely job. It was very yummy.

The boys didn't make it home. They rang ~ but they are trying to sort themselves out to head interstate for the wheat harvest. This is a big money venture & they will be gone for several months. Home for Christmas I expect. I am tossing up whether the girls & I will go over for their farewell bash seeing Ditz & I caught up with them on Wednesday when we dropped of their mail. They haven't bothered to tell most people of their change of address & all their mail still comes here ~ including their bills! I guess it will depend on the weather. It is mizzling here but the rain guage stays empty so it is a very light if persistent mizzle!

I have 2 pages of math to mark & then Ditz's work goes in the mail! Thank heavens. I hate that subject more & more each year ~ as I'm sure Ditz does too! However I may have found the solution to our math woes ~ & it is Aussie too! It is practical. Ditz is used to me going balistic over things like timetables as I work out how much leeway we've got for emergencies to make connections. Or how much time it will take from point A to point B in peak hour traffic. Or which boat I must catch to make an appointment. This is the math that far too many people can't do but we are actually very good at! Did I really just say that?!

The girls have headed overseas to, amongst other things, visit the Science fair which is full of hands on stuff. Liddy must be feeling gulity because she said Ditz needed to write an essay on it. I said if she just wrote up 2 of the experiments using the scientific method I would be more than happy! Not only is this a short term but with Ditz's learning being so lopsided we have finished up some things already but are only 1/2 way through others & I just don't want to start any new work now. Mostly I am aiming at getting all her reading done.

I should be looking at what I need to order for next year but as my immediate needs are in the math/science area it is just too depressing to contemplate just now. Maybe after Singapore... And at some point I will need to order SL 7 just because the books are so very, very good.


Diane Shiffer said...

OK, so I didn't miss your birthday! Hurrah! Happy Birthday to you my dear friend:) although I must say that I know exactly what you mean about the thrill of birthdays wearing a bit thin as the years go by, lol. I don't mind being a year older, but as my actual day approaches, I find myself sighing and thinking: Oh dear, do we really have to go through all this rigmarole yet again? (Do I sound grumpy? lol)

Did I tell you that we are doing SL this year? I am so thrilled.. we are only using 1+2, which I know sounds dreadfully easy for Noah, but I needed to make a compromise with with something Millen could use as well. And of course one of the best things about SL is the flexibility it affords. I am loving it! Math and Science, pish! Why do we even need to study such things? ;)

Molytail said...

Happy birthday late!!!! *grin* ~ although technically not, since I did post it to ya on facebook LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi Ganeida,
Happy birthday!

Ooh, cheesecake is my favourite.

Sandra said...

I am glad you had a Happy Birthday. Now you've got me thinking 'cheese cake'.

Britwife said...

Happy Belated Birthday my dear Australian sister!! :)

I hope you had a great day - how could it NOT be good when you have cheesecake, right?