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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Handful of Blessings.

When I read Shakespeare I am struck with wonder
That such trivial people should muse and thunder
In such lovely language. D. H. Lawrence
There is just so much to be grateful for this morning! We have rain ~ soft mizzling rain that soaks gently into the earth. The beans are beaning; the tomatoes are tomatoeing.

I have 2 passports in my hot little hand ~ & didn't I breath a big sigh of relief when the second one of those arrived! I bet Ditz did too but she'll never say!

Ditz has a little black dress. I could have wept over this saga. No way can I afford something like A$3oo~ for a *little black dress* but everything under A$50~ Ditz swore made her look fat. This circus could have gone on forever. I had no intention of letting it go on forever. I told the child we had been to every shop in 2 suburbs & she had seen everything that was available. She might not like it over much, it might not be the perfect dress, but that was it; she had to choose something from what was available. Ditz wormed a promise out of me that on the offchance we found something she actually liked between now & departure day I would cough up but at least I know she has something! At this point something is good; we still have the shoe saga to do. Black, enclosed toe, small heel. Ditz has visions of wobbling round on an itty~bitty heel. It's not happening. I have too much respect for her feet. Oh, & nylons. Sheer. I'm lucky the child didn't go into full meltdown. Singapore has temporarily lost its glitter!

The dress? Round neck, gathered; wide waistband with tie; butterfly sleeves; calf length skirt. It actually looks quite lovely on her but she thinks it makes her bum look big. *sigh* The neck is a little lower than we would normally buy but the alternative was plunging Vs! Ditz paled every time at the thought of stuffing herself into one of those & even assurances that a stitch in the right place would render them completely modest could not convince her.

We have a bag with locks. We have the necessary clear plastic toiletry bag. Our accommodation is paid for. The tour T~shirts have arrived & need to be paid for. I actually can't quite believe we've pulled this off. God is good.


Diane Shiffer said...

Oh, I'll bet Ditz looks lovely... Too bad we don't live closer (reason #437 in a series), I have a darling black dress that would likely fit her, and is formal looking without being too old... although it does have tiny blue dragonflies embroidered on the black, so maybe it wouldn't be allowed for something so schmancy as Ditz' doin's. Amelia wore it on the solitary occasion that she had a solo in a choir she was once in.I've adored that dress for years and held onto it though I am certain no one else here will ever wear it, lol.

Wowsers.... I csn't imagine all that traveling. You are such a good mama:)

kimba said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday Dear Ganieda, Happy Birthday to you.

seekingmyLord said...

Is it your birthday today?

I am so glad you are nearly ready. When will you be leaving?

Ganeida said...

Diane: Do you think God has planned a close residence for us in heaven? ☺ I can't think why all my favourite people are scattered all over the place in this world!

Kimba: Thanks lovey. Just another year older but going strong.

Seeking: Yeah, into my 5th decade well & truely now. ☺ We fly out on Dec., 13th. The music is starting to sound really lovely...

MamaOlive said...

Glad it's all coming together. Just popped in to say Happy Birthday, if it's still today over there. ;-) Love ya.

notes from an island said...

happy bday to u happy bday 2 u u live in a zoo happy b day 2 u was going to send a fat a gram but liddy talked me out of it ha ha ha

seekingmyLord said...

So what is the actual date? That time zone thing sometimes throws me off.

Diane Shiffer said...

It's your birthday?! Or rather, it was your birthday and I missed it? Sooo sorry, but I'll send you my belated birthday wishes... and some super early ones for next year too;)
love ya honey!

Sandra said...

Every teenager thinks they look fat. Then one day (me) you actually are fat! I missed that you are going to Singapore. Last I knew it was only Ditz, the change must have happened while I was sick. I'm so excited!

Molytail said...

Our choir is providing the dresses for the girls ~ because they're meant to be long and black and there isn't a single store in town that sells such a thing. Seriously. Jo (choir director) knows this - and that it would actually be *impossible* for anyone to get something without driving six hours to the next nearest shopping center (Edmonton)... yeah we're a little isolated here they measured all the girls and everyone should soon have their own fit-to-size matching outfit. Hopefully very soon, as they need them for Nov 6th when the Olympic Torch is here..ack, that's next week! :-P

Miss Cinders always wants heels - the higher they are, the more she wants them... and doesn't get them. ;-) ....with her, it's a height thing - she hates being short for her age and figures the answer is high shoes.

Mmm, speaking of shoes.. "black dress shoes", we were told.. Cindy has a pair that I think are fine, but SHE insists that they're "sandals" and that Jo said no sandals.. but I don't think they're sandals -- they're black (matte, not shiny), the toe is all covered and a bit of the foot, there's an ankle strap with a buckle, and a chunky heel. That, to me, is a shoe. Totally doesn't look like something you'd wear barefoot in the summer. Sandals are open toes, light & airy looking, and meant for bare feet, dang it.

(and that's way too much shoe thoughts for 8am)

Tell Ditz there's not a blasted thing wrong with her body ~ I've seen pictures and the girl is NOT 'fat' by annnnnnnnnnny stretch of the imagination. ♥