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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Doing the logistics juggle.

“You owe it to everyone you love (including yourself) to find pockets of tranquility in your busy world.” Anonymous.The school term may have resumed but we are hardly back schooling at full strength; there are far too many urgent things requiring our attention.

We arrived back from my mother's, which from my point of view is wonderfully relaxing simply because I never once have to think about food. Food arrives & I eat it. I don't have to prepare it or cook it or do anything else with it. Yes, I hate cooking that much & do as little of it as possible.
I have hardly cooked since we've been home either, but that is not such a good thing.

Sunday I was back on the mainland ~ & I am really starting to hate the mainland too. I live where I do for a reason! First rehearsal for Singapore ~ rehearsal being a loosish sort of term. What mostly happened is I got totally freaked out & have had miles of adrenalin pumping through my system ever since. Yes, everything is being brought forward & it is enough to immediately have me running logistics through my mind. It's all very well for the mainlanders who are 5 minutes from a bank but any excursion to a bank requires military planning on my part & a quick review of my actual finances! While I was still trying to do some mental math [which is definitely not my strong suite to start with] Alison began pulling her choir together. Parked quietly in an obscure corner I was suddenly assaulted with this question: Would I like to sing with the choir?!!!

Before I could gather my scattered wits to answer Ditz answered for me; No, no & no some more; definitely not. Now given there is nowhere to hide in this choir & the importance of the venue & I can't sing I was never going to do this but back off, Ditz, you know! Teenagers! With attitude! Grrrr. Yeah, I'm a little frayed around the edges.

Most of the Singapore choir is being pulled from the QPAC choir: 4 parts to do The Planets ~ wherein Ditz was less than charmed to find she gets to sit absolutely still for 49 minutes before she sings, & then not actual words. At present it sounds pretty dreadful but it won't.

We were late getting the car back to Liddy. Not good. Monday I was on the mainland banking then Lid, now she is licensed, decided she was off to the mainland to see Mao's Last Dancer only she was running late so I had to drop her to a boat & then pick her up again. Ditto Tuesday when she went over for something to do with church. Wednesday we went straight to the mainland from flute so I could finalise banking & do some mainland shopping because Liddy's birthday has snuck up on us. Monday. She moves out of her teens into her twenties. Don't ask where the time has flown because I don't know.

Interesting rehearsal but I am sitting on a time bomb with Ditz & was uncomfortably aware Ditz has just on a month before her exam & has had just one lesson!!! Yikes! Then I got Ditz all the way home because I mentioned that little fact to the other person this should concern, Alison. Ditz does not like exams but I was in no mood to pander to her melodramatics. I told her bluntly it was just another deadline; get over it. She whinged it wasn't just another deadline because she is on her own; she will be scrutinized; it is distracting because she can see the examiners taking notes out of the corner of her eye; she knows her words ~ just not in the right order [what?] ...yadda, yadda, yadda. How that child can go on. This is the same child who took a breath & proceeded to inform me that she would like to take on the local primary school's choir & teach them to be professional! Yeah, exams are going to be needed, kid.

I believe our supervisor is coming next week. Could be interesting. I am fast losing the plot & that is not good because we have a concert next week too. Just the same, Alison is feeling as stressed as I look so I think we are all in the same boat. Lots on & doing the logistics juggle is a delicate balancing act.


Molytail said...

Miss Cinders would pack her bags and move out if I ever even *thought* of singing in public anywhere near her ~ and that's nothing bad on her part, because I can't sing. AT ALL. I forget that now & then and start singing 'round the house - until someone with ears comes into the room and threatens me with a spoon. :-P

Our big !!! upcoming (before the out of province & over mountains thing) is the Olympic Torch thing in early November. Ridiculous security - so much so that we only know bits of how it will go - and televised, chatter says across country, eek! My mother will have kittens. - and oh yes, it couldn't just be English. Of course not, with Canada having two official languages - I can understand, they worked in the French. But hello, what's with the Latin song? *brainspin* LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi Ganeida,
My son hates listening to me sing, and he likens it to "the cat being dragged through the mincer".

Sounds like you are so incredibly busy, and yet you find time to blog - clever lady!

Have a wonderful week.

Ganeida said...

lol Moly! ☺ I'd sympathise but I'm too busy having my own meltdown! Music! Honestly I love it but it's driving me crazier than a bedbug just now.

As for the Latin ~ showcase stuff. I can understand that but Ditz is singing in Hungarian because the CD [choir director] is of Hungarian extract & likes the song! Lovely song though but the poor kids!

Jillian: Not clever, my love, sanity saving. It stops me losing the plot completely. When I start spinning faster than the spaceship gyro thingy I just think what a great blog I can turn it into.

Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Wow, I think I would be in panic mode! Yikes on the exams. :o