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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A bookie moment.

Curiosity endows the people who have it with a generosity in argument and a serenity in their own mode of life which springs from their cheerful willingness to let life take the form it will. Alistair Cooke.

Breathing is an art. In. Out. Deep. I think we have just about sorted ourselves out again ~ just in time for the next onslaught.

Thanks to friends I have plenty of reading material. I finished Sugarflower & have begun Francine Rivers triology, Mark of the Lion. Sadly I tend to avoid *Christian* authors. I have been spoilt all my life by good literature & far too much of what passes for Christian literature is just shockingly bad so I have been pleasantly surprised by this series.

Firstly it seems to be very well researched. Christian Rome is outside my period so any errors aren't glaringly obvious, thank goodness. Nothing irks me faster than historical inaccuracy. Yes, I'm a snob. Sorrow but I do like accuracy, especially in my fiction.

Secondly this is very readable. Again I was surprised. I don't like being preached at in my reading either so to find a good Christian story line paramount is absolutely delightful. I am thoroughly enjoying this series ~ especially as I have months of twice weekly rehearsals to read through!

I also have Virginia Woolfe's A Room of One's Own to reread at some point. Beautiful prose but she requires concentrated effort. One must pay attention when reading Woolfe! Not sure I'm up to tackling Woolfe just at the moment.

Then of course there's what Ditz has on offer. Ditz is reading the second Inkworld book ~ Inkspell. Well, she's sort of reading it in between me reading it aloud to her ~ or her reading it aloud to me. It has been some years since Ditz would actually read out loud. She went through a long period of reading aloud reluctance, which is a pity as she reads aloud quite well & has a pleasant voice. We have shared some great books this last little while though Ditz was quite cross that I'd borrow the books she'd borrowed & whip through them before she was half done.

As a lifetime Bookworm my little heart goes pit~a~pat over good books! There should be more of them.


The HoJo's said...

Love good books, have snaffled a few recently having been very good and used the Library since we got here!



kimba said...

I thought Francine Rivers name sounded familiar. Sure enough Mum had bought "And The Shofar Blew" which I think you might enjoy. She is the only modern christian writer I have enjoyed and the only christian fiction I have ever actually thought was good. I suspect it's because she was an author before she became a christian.

Ganeida said...

Hojos: I'm just chronic. Read or write, I love books.

Kimba: Ah, yes, I remember your mum mentioning her. I knew I knew the name before I read her. I don't know what happens when Christians write fiction but it usually ends up as absolutely apalling writing with the rare & wonderful exceptions. Perhaps I notice more because there are so few of them; there's certainly plenty of apalling non~Christian writing around.