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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Another great award!

Awards are always fun though I am worried about the Hojos who seem to think I still have a brain. So here's de rulz:

1. Thank the person who gave this to you ~ Thank you Hojos!

2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog. Done.

3. Link the person who nominated you. Done. See above.

4. Name 7 things about yourself that no one would really know.

5. Nominate 7 other bloggers & let them know they are nominated. Nominating is good. Letting them know could take me some time just at the moment.

Oooh, my poor brain. I was having trouble last time but here goes...

1. I am an oldest child. Supposedly this makes me an organized high achiever ~ which is why it is always wise not to give too much credence to pop psychology.

2. I am also a middle child if looked at another way, which would make me easy~going, social & secretive. You definitely shouldn't pay attention to pop psychology.

3. I cried on my first day of school. This was not an auspicious start. Later events justified my initial trauma; school sux. Even as a quite small child I would have lived happily on copious amounts of coffee, chocolate & good books ~ completely negating the need for math, school & real food.

4. School had one good thing: even the infants section had a large & very good library. I can still remember my joy at being allowed to borrow books! To read. For myself! I borrowed A Big Ball of String. Actually I'm not sure that wasn't responsible for my angst ridden dreams about infinity but I did enjoy the book.

5. I do not read books in chronological or sequential order. I read them as they interest me then go back & fill in the gaps. My children think this is most peculiar of me but I am chronically incapable of reading a book straight through from beginning to end ~ & why would you? That means reading all the boring bits you won't need till later.

6. I have zero tolerance for being bored so I always travel with a book. My children hate it if I finish my book before we get home. I am not fun to play with.

7. I like escargot swimming in a rich garlic butter sauce but I will not eat fish, prawns, lobster, crayfish, mussels, oysters or anything else that comes out of the sea. I know what that stuff eats. EEEEWWWW!!!!

OK. Here's my pick of 7 others to play along;

Jeanne at A Peaceful Day.

Diane at Tomato Soup Cake.

Sandra at World's End Farm.

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And lastly but not least my dear friend, Seeking, at My Lord, Please Sanctuary Me. There, all done! Well, apart from the little matter of letting you all know but sorrow & all, I have to walk out the door now.


Diane Shiffer said...

Well friend, I think you are quite deserving of this particular award... especially in light of your number 3: in my opinion, the children that cry on the first day of school are the ones that are the most with it;)

Thanks for nominating me, my dear.

grrr... this *** computer of mine is giving me such grief! It has taken me forever to write this little comment... pray for my computer woes. please?

Molytail said...

Your #5 ~ funny timing, I just finished reading a thread on a forum where a mum was frustrated with her daughter doing the very same thing!

{I'm also an oldest child - and definitely not the over-achieving organised sort LOL}

Anonymous said...

HI Ganeida,
You did VERY well!

Sandra said...

Thank you Ganeida. I don't know if there's anything left to know about me!
I find it interesting that you will eat snails but not fish. : )

Catherine said...

Hi there Ganeida!
Are you as fun to talk with IRL as you are here on your blog? :) (big grin!!)
I don't get the snails, but totally agree about shellfish.
I also share your #6 .. can't be idle and books are just so portable, aren't they?
Okay .. I see I'm nominated. Let me think on it as I think I've done a similar award before, and I'd hate to be boring and post the same responses.

Dianna said...

Ugh, escargots! I had the opportunity to try them for French class in junior high, but I didn't. I've always kind of regretted it . . . . almost.

Ganeida said...

Diane: ♥ As well as prayers. I miss you when you can't post.

Moly: I *know*! I don't understand why anyone would read a book straight through with all the boring bits. I skip & backtrack if I need to.

Thank you Jillian. ☺

Sandra: I'm sure there's lots of interesting stuff I still don't know about you. What about the secret life you shared with Walter Mitty & your ties to the horsey Mafia? lol Just joking.

alecat: I'm afraid you would find me very dull IRL. I do much better on paper ~ or in this case computer screens! ☺ Ocassionally, those who know me very, very well, get me on a roll & we laugh ourselves silly being clever & oh so very witty!

Mrs Mordecai: I first had escargot in French class. Fish soup swimming with wet & liquid eyes was just never going to happen for me but I did try the frogs legs & escargot. Frogs legs are too sweet for my palate but I adore garlic; the more the better & good escargot swim in garlic sauce. The best I ever had were in Andorra. They came out in their own little shells in a really heavy cast iron pan, everything absolutely sizzling & even my Dearest [who does eat seafood but had baulked at escargot] realised he had to be missing out when our French friends & I hoed into the escargot as if there was no tomorrow. He discovered he really liked them but I agree; it takes some getting past their little antenna waving about the sauce forlornly to eat them! ☺

Jeanne said...

Ganeida, I'm humbled, thank you.

I'll try to reciprocate as soon as I can get together 7 things you don't know about me. any ideas? I am not nearly as interesting as you, me thinks wryly!

Ganeida said...

Jeanne: I'm not interesting either. It's all bubble & froth you know; no real substance. ☺ I find everybody else so much more interesting than I am ~ & I am insatiably curious. lol