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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Losing more of the plot...

"You can't help that. We're all mad here." - Cheshire Cat
Ditz's passport has gone. Mine has to be redone yet again. *sigh* It is costing me a fortune in boat fares. Oh, & Ditz needs a dress [black, Jeanne ~ even Melbourne black, black & shiny] ~ & shoes, strappy with a heel; a small Cuban heel. I'll be blowed if I'll have Ditz with her size 9s & still growing clodhoppers tottering around on stilettos! I feel just like that cat. About sums it up well.

And the cat, who was beside himself yesterday morning when he found that on a Wednesday morning, when he knows purrfectly well Ditz & I pack up the noisemaker & leave the house for hours on end to return only briefly before leaving again, I came back while only Ditz was gone threw himself at my feet in an ecstasy of squirming delight & excited squeaks. He was less impressed to find me leaving with Ditz as usual later on & by all accounts gave Liddy a hard time when she came home. However he was a very subdued pussy when I saw him for he had become so rambunctious & difficult when Liddy left to pick us up from the boat & she was so worried about running over him she threw him in the car. As his car trips to the boat involve unhappy memories [he was put in a carrier & hoyed to the vet's for the unkindest cut & left there! On his own. Without his people! For hours on end!] he was completely spooked & grew eyes as large as saucers.

When I scooped him up for bed he promptly settled on my shoulder with his bum tucked under my chin purring like a sleeping volcano & no amount of pushing & shoving & cajoling would move him. I fell asleep before I was able to shift him so I guess that's where he spent his night. How on earth that cat is going to manage for 5 days while Ditz & I are in Singapore is anybody's guess!

Concert on Saturday. Am waiting on the event details coming through for Saturday. As I'm not real keen on the music for this I need to determine how I will spend my day & evening as Ditz will be in rehearsal early Saturday & unlike the rest of AVAE we don't have the luxury of going home for a shower & rest before the concert. The following week we travel to Ipswich for an eisteddfod ~ could be sleeping on the boys' couch after that one. *sigh* It's not like I have anything else to do. Seriously; music is taking over my life.

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The HoJo's said...

Now I am all excited about Singapore and I'm not the one going.
Shall refrain from jokes about Sing-ing and cats paws (pores)

oh, I mentioned that out loud didn't I?