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Friday, October 16, 2009

A little nothing about me...

MrsC seems to think I'm superwoman & capable of coming up with 6 unknown things about myself as well as 6 other gorgeous bloggers. The bloggers bit is easy; so many wonderful choices ~ but I am suffering brain fatigue. Six things I haven't already said about me looks fairly impossible this morning.

1. I used to drive myself crazy as a child by wondering who I would be if my grandfather hadn't left Scotland & emmigrated to Australia, met my grandmother who had my mother who had several charming boyfriends before she met my father. The possibilities were mindboggling. I could have been someone quite different. If Poppy hadn't left Scotland I would have been Scottish , would never have met Dearest, never had Ditz. Now there's a thought!

2.My parents believed in regular bedtimes for children. Just the same it was rare for me to be asleep before my night owl of a mother turned off the last light & went to bed herself. I told myself stories in the dark for hours on end. This was preferable to the difficult act of actually falling asleep which necessiated negotiating a recurrent nightmare wherein I was happily floating past Saturn & Jupiter, Neptune & Pluto, drifting past stars & galaxies, moons & meteorites & into infinity. Infinity was grey & eternal, a vast emptiness of nothingness that freaked me out so much I simply couldn't fall asleep because, you knever knew, it might actually end up happening! Yeah, well, logic was never my strong suite!

3. I like speculative science. Is there even such a thing?

4. I can recite We're Going on a Bear Hunt & Where the Wild Things Are from memory; still. With actions. And sound effects. Years & years after my little ones became big people.

5. I can tell the most boring campfire stories that still scare the pants off snotty little boys who think they are tougher than I am. The element of surprise is a wonderful thing.

6. I learnt the art of story~telling when I worked as a Children's Librarian. If it didn't involve actually getting a very boring degree & working with silly adults I'd probably still be doing it. Kids books are the best books.

Ok, I will keep the awards to people who actually seem to get into them so I'm not playing favourites here.


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Ok, ladies, pass the bloggy ♥♥♥♥ around.


Anonymous said...

HI Ganeida,
Thank you - that will be a challenge.

Sandra said...

How interesting it must be in your mind!

The HoJo's said...

oooh I shall, I believe in bloggy love, most important for us transplants!
thank you indeed


Britwife said...

#2. I make my kids go to bed at a regular time. NONE of them will be asleep (except for oldest son) before I go to bed.

#5. Lovin' it! I am sooo going to take you camping sometime when you come to Minnesota! :)

MamaOlive said...

I forgot how to copy the picture. wahaaha (Did you ever watch I Love Lucy?)

Ganeida said...

Ugh. My computer seems to have eaten my comment. Sorry ladies.

Abbreviated comment.

Britwife: I should love to go camping with you sometime. Maybe when you come to Oz...

MamaO: right click, my dear. Click save picture as. Should save to your My Pictures file on your computer. Never saw I love Lucy.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you thought the degree was boring, did you? Shoulda done Biology as your option (snicker) - I loved most of the degree even if it was eccentric and basically useless.

Explanatory point: I did the same degree (more or less) as Ganeida.


Anonymous said...

Ok - I've just realised what you _actually_ said in your email. Duh. Silly me. Apologies. And yes; librarianship is a very boring degree (wish you'd told me that before I did it LOL).