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Thursday, March 17, 2011

One girl, one mission, destination Chile.

Good Evening!

1 Corinthians 12:26-27 ‘If one part suffers, every part suffers with it; if one part is honoured, every part rejoices with it. Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.’

As you will be aware I cried out for your help and asked for your prayer support. So to give you a little bit more background and as is my usual style to share how God has answered.

Wow! I sat in church a week ago completely disheartened after a meeting with the Missions Team Leaders of BBC. Nearing the end of the service we sang a song which had these lyrics ‘My Saviour, he can move the mountains. My God is mighty to save, he is mighty to save.’ which brought me to tears. I couldn’t see how and if God would chose to remove the obstacles, my mountains. Realistically I felt that once more I had been presented the chance to go to Chile and it was going to be postponed once again. It has been a very up and down week and I have struggled to keep focused on the preparation.

Despite the challenges that have been presented I’ve seen God place his hand upon my life. God is building daily those that are willing to listen to my story but to also pray. On top of this I’ve witnessed once again how OM will step in and support which only confirms how much they are filled with the fruits of the Holy Spirit. (please remember that OM also realised the need for me to grow, which admittedly I didn’t take to well at the time)

The meeting went for about 3hrs. I can praise God for the result of that meeting even down to the nitty gritty details of how I was able to keep calm, mediation was happening and most importantly we tried not to tear each other apart. The end result of this meeting was; BBC is happy to take me on board and continue to follow the journey but are un-willing to support financially. (that I hope sums it up) This is a massive change of heart from two people and I have not one explanation but that of God and how he has gifted people for the growth of the kingdom. I’m extremely enthralled because unity is a huge thing. I deeply desired to have ‘the body’ of Christ in unison instead of split.

Could I ask you to ask you to continue praying for me and the preparation and ministry in Chile

Blessings ~ L

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.  Romans 12:12

Some of you, unlucky enough to have expressed an interest in what's going on, will already have received a copy of the brochure thing Lid has to send out.  Others of you are on our hit list & only haven't received something because we ran out of oomph last night. The rest of you have wisely lurked in the shadows. Family, you are in a different category & we are getting to you ~ so watch out!

With that in mind I must say I am finding this post really difficult to write.  How do you share what's going on because you consider your blogging buddies friends & part of the wider body of Christ [or actually church *family*] without making people feel guilty & obligated ~ so there are no obligations people.  If you feel led to pray: Wonderful beyond words!  Prayer is our greatest need.  If you feel led to give ~ also wonderful.  If you do none of these things: Terrific!  As friends we simply appreciate you listening to our wafflings.

So as things stand, without going into all the gory details, Lid has been advised to proceed as if there are no hiccups to her going to Chile & August is her departure month. When a spanner first got thrown in the works ~again! ~ I admit  I built up a full head of steam in about 2 seconds flat.  Now I am finding the whole circus hysterically funny, much funnier than Liddy is finding it, as I watch God sort out all the tangled lines, make the paths straight & otherwise deal with obstacles.  In the end the telling factor will  be whether or not Lid can raise the necessary funds.

Now Liddy hasn't had time to update her own blog in a while; funny that; but some things don't change so what I am going to do temporarily is link this page  from my side bar & if you are interested in receiving a copy of her prayer letter, her brochure etc, drop us a line c/~ my bloggy e~mail.  We will need your e~mail address ....sorry folks; it's just the easiest way for us to update everyone.  Please be patient with us as Liddy has a lot of calls on her time & as we all know, I'm not the most practical person in the boat.  You would not want to be stranded on a desert island with me.

Lastly, as Liddy has expressed, we appreciate your prayers, your interest, your support more than we can say.  This is such a difficult journey in so many ways, both expected & unexpected, that having people journey with us is a delight & a comfort.


Finding Joy said...

Wow. . Chile, now that is a long way-away. Your daughter is one brave girl and I am very impressed by her courage. She is most certainly in my prayers on this huge journey.

And mum, in my prayers to as this must be hard for you are well.

seekingmyLord said...

I don't know whether to cry in joy or in sadness, in hope or in fear of another set back. It all seems like a train with two engines pulling in opposite directions sometimes, doesn't it? She knows where she needs to go, but it must seem like those operating the train are confused as to which track to take. So, if the money gets raised, will the other support, or lack thereof, still be a problem or are they acting on faith it will be resolved? I am in suspense...and suspense is just not my thing! I suppose I should sign up for those updates, eh? You know my email address, so just do it!

Sandra said...

I do remember a year ago or so talk of Liddy going to teach in Chile? I'm unclear about the organization she is involved with, but wonder why the expense is on her. What about once there, is there support, both financial and physical?

Jan Lyn said...

Your Liddy and all of you are an inspiration. This will no doubt change her entire life. She will have new eyes to see. One trip to China changed my son forever. It's all good. God will be with both of you. I wish I could support financially, but cannot. I CAN and will be praying for Liddy and her mum, even if I am not around online as much. (My eyes are failing a bit with pain.)
Sending love,

Ganeida said...

Jo: it is a very long way. I just hope the Lord sees fit to supply the funds for me to go visit as she is planning long term mission.

Seeking:I am about to update. The Lord is working miricales! Yeppity~yep.

Sandra:OM [Operation Mobilization] suggested Lib move from our little island churchwise because they felt a larger mainland church would support her financially. This has not been the case ~long complicated story. Last year OM asked Lib to wait because they felt she was a little young for what she had in mind. They have used the year to get to know her better & are now more than happy to send her but now, due to changes within her church, the church has a problem. Most missionaries are funded by their home church. As Lib's has withdrawn their financial support she will have to raise her funds in other ways.

Jan Lyn No problemo at all. Prayer is what we covert. I honestly believe God is going to supply all her need because He knew how this was going to go so prayer, prayer, prayer. Thank you for committing to that for us. You have no idea just what that means to us! ♥

Sandra said...

Aren't you a little bit worried that she is not receiving support? This should not be on her shoulders. It is too much. I don't mean to be the wet blanket, but sometimes the idea of the call can obscure ones vision.

The HoJo's said...

Marisa has trotted into school today with the intention of asking everyone to Pray for Libby during devotions :o) as she scampered off she waved and called, 'she is going to be a mercenary right?' so prayers will be sent off with a smile today! I'm almost entirely sure she was kidding me.....


Ganeida said...

Sandra: lol I know what you mean. Wait & see. ☺ It's already happening.

Hojos: This so cracked us both up. What a howler!!! ♥ Cheers, Marisa!

Anonymous said...

Mercenary - LOL... I love it...


Anonymous said...

I believe that if God needs her to be there,a door will open and she will be. Praying for her to be able to go and also for you. Mimi