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Saturday, July 7, 2012

“There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them.” ~ Joseph Brodsky

Orientation, semester 2, & the pile of books to be read through over the next two terms. The cats have claimed the box they came in.

I am really looking forward to Col Stringer's Discovering Australia's Christian Heritage ~ something we don't hear near enough about!  But there are other's even closer to my heart. The Ministry Gifts fell open on the table & my eyes lit on this: Before anything else a prophet would be  a preacher or teacher of the word.  I had an ahhhh moment.  Am looking forward to reading the rest of it. But there is Keys to Better Preaching, Understanding the Anointing & The Art of Prayer ~ which should be fascinating because to date the best book I own on prayer is by a Quaker.  The others may reveal unexpected gems.

I am feeling more comfortable being where I am.  Not complacent.  Mostly it still feels weird all round to me but I know people & though they think we are more than a little weird our giftings aren't considered weird or outlandish.  Rather they are appreciated.  Rather a novel experience! Dearest has tapped nicely into the prayer ministry.  I am so happy for him!  He is a powerful prayer warrior but often under~valued because he gets some full on stuff in prayer like you wouldn't believe.  It can spin people out & sometimes his explanations are difficult to decipher.

Doctrine is nowhere to be seen ~ for which I am devoutly grateful.  There are certain basic tenants of the Christian faith that are important but most of the rest is so much froth & bubble.  Ask Jesus.  He didn't accuse the Pharisees of being doctrinally incorrect but of not understanding experientially what they knew!  Relationship, relationship, relationship!  That is the core of Christianity.  You can be right on all the doctrine but if you don't know Christ as your living Lord & Saviour you are as lost as the next sinner!

I guess I will be back to spasmodic blogging again ~ or not.  If they put it in it's got to come out somewhere.  Bit like uncorking a volcano really.  Wait for it.....


seekingmyLord said...

I am excited for you, for the perspectives your schooling will bring to you, and for what you will share...when you need to catch your breath. You will be sharing, right?

Ganeida said...

Lol Like uncorking a volcano! :D

Joyfulmum said...

lol'ing at your comments:)
you certainly have been sharing and I've enjoyed reading:)
dh is a prayer warrior, never heard that one before! very rare to see men in that ministry, wow! I'm still trying to figure out stuff, in fact planning on going to koorong soon to buy some books recommended to me a while ago.

Jeanne said...

Looking forward to hearing your impressions on Stringer's book. I only know 800 Horsemen.