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Thursday, December 4, 2008

A lot of hot air about nothing.

Blow, blow,... William Shakespheare.


I have my happy, bubbly Ditz back but whether she has passed that wretched exam or not is open to speculation. Ditz says not. Her accompanist thinks yes. When the accompanist came out she was rather shocked, rehearsals being what they were. Ditz lifted for the occasion as she so often does & played her first 2 set pieces with accompaniment really well. The Rondo had 4 bars Ditz just couldn't get together though the rest of it was fine & it was only one of the pieces she had to look at rather than one of her set pieces, so less important. Ditz swears no~one told her she had to sight read but I just don't think she was listening, which happens a lot with Ditz. Her solo piece she says she blew but as none of us actually heard it who knows & apparently the examiner asked about the scales in a way Ditz isn't used to & totally confused her. That being said I expect Ditz will score high on her actual playing & flunk out on the theory. She seems to have survived the experience quite well & I am really happy she did the exam & overcame her dread/dislike/fear/whatever. If there is ever a next time she will be much better prepared in herself to attempt the exam.

First times are always difficult & when I think about it the poor kid didn't just have the exam to contend with. I have *slow to warm up* kids & Ditz was expected to develop a rapport & play with a woman she'd never met before, an examiner she'd never met before, in a place she'd never been before having had to get up at 4am in order to be there by 8.30am after an hour in the car with me driving clear across town! That included a bridge, a highway & the freeway with the exits, dividing roads, lights & Brisbane signposting ~ or lack thereof! Luckily our accompanist is really well versed in Brisbane & directed us really, really well & I didn't melt down once. Funnily enough seeing so many other kids in the same boat she was in seemed to sort Ditz out & though she is still saying she is quitting flute she lacks conviction. I told her she can quit for the holidays. I think we've all had enough for now.

We also had a lovely e~mail from Alison about how well Ditz did for the QPAC concert & reminded us that just 18 months ago Ditz wouldn't even stand up & sing for her & this year she has soloed several times. The words stunning young performer were used & you should have seen Ditz glow. Lit up like a Christmas tree. Alison's opinion matters.

I would really like to say we are done with school for the year & begin our holidays but there is some tidying up that really needs to be done & technically we aren't finished for another week yet. Just the same we will begin all our Christmas things & that will bring the holidays closer. I would really like to make our cards again this year but think we are too short on time. Pity. We have another concert on Wednesday & then I think we're actually done for the year...almost. Maybe. Why do I have this sinking feeling I am probably wr..wr...wrong?!


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Oh, at least take a break for Christmas!!

Let us know how Ditz did when you get a chance, ok?

Ganeida said...

Certainly m'am, I will let you know how Ditz has done. Apparently they are quick & we may know by this Friday.

Melody Plainview said...

This experience sounds so familiar. My daughter Eve and I went/are-going through the same thing. She about died when she had to audition for her voice class, but she wanted to sing so bad. She's a wreck when it comes to exams, and there were a few times when I thought she might try to throw in the towel on the whole endeavor to avoid the pressure of the tests.

Not so! Like Eve, Ditz has pulled that courage and determination from somewhere! Just love that feeling of pride they get when they've overcome fear/doubt!

Ganeida said...

lol Melody. My Ditz is a youngest & homeschooled ~ superconfident young lady! That is unil we were actually driving to her voice audtion. She had never had nerves before so didn't even recognize them for what they were & then was nearly sick with sheer fright but she was desparate to sing in this ensemble. We joke I suffer the nerves for her but sadly that's not always the case.

The HoJo's said...

Yay for Ditz, so glad she got such encouraging comments :o)