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Thursday, December 25, 2008

...& the damage done...

“Strange to see how a good dinner and feasting reconciles everybody.” Samuel Pepys Christmas morning dawned dry & warm but not broiling hot. We came into Christmas with the usual assortment of dramas. The boys had no prop but wanted to order one. Ditz had to clamber down the hill & through the mud to read the number on the broken prop . She, naturally, got bitten by a tick. The prop arrived in record time. Great delight all round until the owner of the motor arrived & declared it the wrong prop! Yes, they got it working but..!!! I bought the lads a jerry can of petrol just before the island ran completely out of fuel. That will be all the people fueling up their boats for the Xmas break. Goodness only knows when there will be a delivery so people can run their cars!
The boys are home; fishing, crabbing, scurfing. The cat is delighted. Theo brought his girlfriend with him ~ failed to tell me until they were practically here. Liddy & I scampered round madly trying to find spare sheets & the mattress we use for overflow so we could bed her down on Liddy's floor.
We had an early tide so it was scurfing before breakfast; Theo's surfboard, Dino's boat. Everyone had a good appetite for our usual Christmas breakfast of pancakes with maple syrup, toasted walnuts, cream & icecream. Yeah, I know but it's once a year & it's Christmas. It holds everyone until a late lunch.

Liddy is a pro.

Ditz...not so much. She sticks to the doughnut & hangs on for dear life.

Dino surfs. Can you tell? He used to do this behind the trawlers in Great White Shark country. Strange as it may seem I'm rather fond of the lad & did not think that was such a good idea.
For those who don't know & have never done this, scurfing is towing someone behind a boat on a surfboard ~ or other contraption. Those who are really good can stand up ~ like water skiing really, & surf the stern wave. That would be Liddy, Dino & Theo. Those not so good just lie along the board on their bellies & get towed. The Ditzs of this world loll in a doughnut & try not to drown.
The verandah quickly became awash in towels, T~shirts & boardies drying, sunscreen & insect repellent
while Liddy & I tackled the roast & put out the salads. Mangoes, cherries & watermelon are still on offer... And some of you are snowed in for Christmas. Poor things! ;D


The HoJo's said...

we didn't get to desert, we gave up, cake untouched, trifle still trifling in the fridge, maybe tomorrow :o)
the verandah looks lovely, actually so do you, nice photo

A Bishops Wife said...

I can not imagine a hot Christmas.

I is a very cold 12 degrees-F.


Sandra said...

OK, rub it in! 9 below zero this AM, but no new snow. Looks like a great day, and I second on the veranda, looks beautiful.

molytail said...

Merry Christmas!!! :-D

Heh, I can't imagine being at the beach swimming and such on Christmas day.

It's -30C here. *grin*

Ashley Dumas said...

I am actually getting used to the summer Christmas thing : ) My parents live near a lake and we loved water skiiing and tubing behind my Dad's boat : )
In fact we still do it whenever we get a chance : ) Looks like your kids have such a fun bustling place to come home to and I love your packed kitchen counter pic. Looks like something good is happening in there : )

Once Again,

Merry Christmas!

Ganeida said...

Hojo's: We didn't get to the cheesecake but Dearest has his birthday today so I guess that's his birthday dessert.

As for the photo, Ditz was being a pain chasing me round with the camera so I gave her my cheesiest grin & lo & behold it was actually a nice picture.

A bishop's wife: I've never actually had a cold Christmas. I came close in England one year but we really, really don't like snow so we came home. :)

Sandra: I wouldn't have only I know you love your cold old hole & all that snow you have. Sounds like you're having a heat wave. Only -9! My, my. I hope that means the outside chores are easier to do.

Moly! You've been quiet. Happy Christmas. I know you will have a blast wherever you are, hot or cold.

Ashley: You are the only one I thought might be warmish. :) I envy you those cherries. Our crop has been decimated by hail & bats so the small bag I got was rationed like gold!

A. said...

I'm a Ditz. I try not to drown.

Jealous of your warm weather fruits! Slightly unripe crisp watermelons are a favorite, though the neon coloring of mangoes is a near second.

Ganeida said...

And I don't eat either of them! lol. I buy them for the invading hordes. What I like are all the things that don't grow well here: cherries, raspberries, peaches & nectarines.