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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fruit & fires.

Many things grow in the garden that were never sown there. ~Thomas Fuller, Gnomologia, 1732
Tropical nectarines! My very favourite & this year we have no fly. We are, however, losing fruit because it is bursing out of is skin on the tree. The tree needs a heavy prune & I am just waiting on the last of the fruit to ripen before I do it then I will fertilize & mulch heavily & hope for wonderful things next year. The anticipation is terrible & mostly goes unfulfilled.I don't know how many years we have tried for water melons only to watch the flowers wither & die, the vines shrivel under the schorching sun & all our hard work come to naught. This year we look like being luckier. The fruit is swelling on the vine like a pregnant lady; they are the size of softball already. The vines are running all over the garden & are still looking incredibly healthy.
What I do have is an influx of grasshoppers & am busily trying to kill them off before they do too much damage.
We are also doing the whole fire thing now we have our fire pit back. We need the boys to scrounge some decent sized logs that will burn all night & give us the sort of coals that mean the marshmallows won't burn. What is Christmas without a BBQ, a roaring fire & marshmallows to end the day with?


kimba said...

A fire in this heat!

I am currently sleeping in the lounge because my room is too hot to be comfortable.

molytail said...

Oh it would be so wonderful to have our very own fruit from our very own fruit trees! 'Course, there are no fruit trees anywhere near here, nevermind in a yard LOL ...

Hey, whaddya mean keeping the marshmallows from burning? That's the way they're best! Stick 'em in the fire and set 'em ablaze....blow them out and tada, perfect! :-D

Ashley Dumas said...

It is nice to see your fruit and your cool fire pit! : )
We built lots of fires at my parents house when I was a kid and they always bring fond memories. A nice fire to gather around can make any night memorable. What a nice Christmas tradition also : )

Bye for now\\


The HoJo's said...

Got all the tables and chairs yet?
It is looking lovely over there, we have tomato, cucumber, peach, strawberry and herbs growing so far, we won't mention the melons I killed off.....

Sandra said...

What a lovely thought, a fire outside for Christmas. I can't imagine tropical fruit in my yard, but we have an apple tree!