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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Year's Eve.

The funny thing is, at the end of all the huzzah and hurrah, many of us are exhausted rather than exhilarated. DONATA MAGGIPINTO, Christmas Family Gatherings
The tree is down. I know, I know. It seems like Christmas was hardly any time at all this year but we just aren't going to be here & nothing will frazzle my nerves faster than drowning in beginning of school stuff with the vestiges of Christmas still to be packed away. Ditz's desk is now at least usable whether or not she actually uses it. I have lugged all her books back downstairs & organized it so I can see what has to be done.

If I was a list maker I would be making a list & checking it twice but I lose lists so I just keep them in my head & hope I don't forget anything important. The new curriculum I need is ordered. That must be a first but this is curriculum I actually want rather than curriculum I have to have & that is a far different matter! Ditz's audition form for choir is filled out & ready to be posted before we leave. Liddy has started work early so God willing we will be off the island on the 2.35 pm boat & on our way north before the traffic seriously starts clogging up. Duchess, if you are reading, Liddy has serious expectations that you have New Years all planned & there is something exciting on hand to celebrate the incoming year.

Uh~huh. She has no hopes of me. I just keep looking longingly at my bed. There is washing still to be done thanks to the boys who said they'd be back & left everything where they dropped it but not a hair nor a hide have we seen of them in days so I am cleaning up. There are cucumbers to be picked & a cooler bag to be packed with cold water & anything else we want to take with us. I have to find clothing for everyone although both Liddy & Ditz pretty much pack for themselves these days.

We had an incredibly heavy dew last night & as I drove Liddy in to work the droplets lay across the grass as thick & white as frost. The damp air was as heady as golden wine ~ & much nicer! It will be a steamy old day but the morning is glorious despite the deafening racket the cicadas are making in the trees. I keep finding their discarded shells in my veggie patch. Yes, it is going to be a long & busy day & Ditz may not survive it. Between the heat & the mozzies last night she didn't sleep well & is already scratchy this morning. My, won't she be fun to play with in an hour or so! Coming Ma, ready or not!


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

LOL I think Ditz might survive it. Maybe not happily. :]


The HoJo's said...

Have a safe trip and a very Happy New Year


Ashley Dumas said...

Have a nice trip and Happy New Year ! Do you guys have mosquito problems over there. I was shocked in Brazil with the mosquitos that filled up our house at night. We all slept under nets, but the brazilians do not. I don't get how they survive! I had to buy the nets in the US and ship them to myself in brazil. : )

Bye for now,


Ganeida said...

Ash: We have a huge mosquito problem. Our council sprays periodically because they carry disease but it's not terribly effective. We burn coils if they're really bad & have lamps we can use outside to little avail. Most of us can't sleep under nets though Ditz had one for a while ~ until she put her feet through it. Fans are pretty effective & we turn our ceiling fan on full bore if they're being a nuisance.

Thanks for the well wishes & a HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all!

Sandra said...

Have fun during your visit. i hope you all survive!

Many people think the state bird of Minnesota is the Loon, but those of us who live here know it's the mosquito! But we have screens on our windows so they aren't a problem inside. Outside is another matter.

Ganeida said...

Sandra: We have screens too ~ never stopped a mozzie yet! They come straight through along with the sandflies! lol. Some of them are monsters. We call them the grey bombers because they're the size of a jet & sound about the same. They will bite through anything, including denim. I'm sure they have teeth instead of a probiscus thingy. We are over 83F in the shade today & totally melting. It is ghastly.

Ashley Dumas said...


We also suffered through the heat and with tons of mosquitos. Our neighborhood sprayed this awful white gas from a truck one or two times a week! I don't think it really helped but I don't know. Our solution to the mosquito net thing was to ditch the one point kind. Sienna got herself all tangled in them and Oscar just put his arm to the side and they bit him through the nets. We got 4 point nets. We got the largest size (king) and then installed them over all the beds. Then we tuck the loose side into the bottom of the mattress, because a lot of mosquitos will hide out under your bed during the day. This worked like a charm. We also put a strong fan on our beds and the nets would sway but not move out of the way because they were secured under the mattress. I also put a spray bottle in bed so that you can mist yourself and the with a fan it is pretty effective at lowering your bodies temp. enough to get to sleep. If you are ineterested in the 4 point kind I know of a great company that ship around the world : ) : ) : )
It makes bed time a bit of an ordeal but peaceful sleep for me was worth it!