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Friday, December 26, 2008

Thinking ahead.

You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star. NietzscheI have plenty of chaos; just waiting on that dancing star.

No sanity headed this way, just a change of chaos. Now that Christmas is over I can give some thought to January. Ouch! Liddy wants to catch up with her aunt & cousin while they are at my mother's. Her idea of catching up is bolt up over New Year's, her driving, me riding gunshot! Oh yes. This sounds like such a brilliant idea ~ I don't think. Only if we don't go then we will miss them as Liddy has no more time off until the end of the month. *sigh*.

Now don't get me wrong. I want to catch up as much as Liddy does. I'd just prefer to do it more slowly & sanely. As that does not seem to be the way my house works I guess we'll do it the usual way with a frantic last minute dash & me threatening to drive unless Liddy gets a grip.

The middle of January is designated for camping at Springbrook with Sian. January is the only time she can be sure of nabbing us as once school starts back up choir eats up nearly all our free time. We all enjoy this time away so much despite the small discomforts of life under canvas. I camped a lot growing up & so long as I can take things at my own pace will happily hike all day up & down the rugged Springbrook trails.

By the end of January, when I should be thinking curriculum & school, Liddy has 2 weeks holiday & we all expect to be heading north to my mother's. Again we look forward to this time. Not only do we enjoy spending time with mum she is a fantastic cook, the meals arrive at regular intervals & I don't have to do anything about them except eat them! The girls also enjoy the routine, undisrupted by our often erratic lifestyle at home. It is probably the most relaxed part of our year from our point of view. Although it invariably rains, January being our wet season, the weather rarely inhibits our activities. As mum lives alone with just her cat for company I'm sure our arrival is something of a trial. I'm quiet enough but Liddy is a busy little soul & likes to pack her days to the hilt while Ditz is just... noisy. It is happy noise but noise. She sings from the moment she opens her eyes to the moment she drops asleep at night & it gets rather wearing when you are not used to it. I simply tune Ditz out a lot but mum needs more practice. Perhaps we should visit more often.

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Sandra said...

Yes, you should visit more often.....all that food at regular intervals and you don't have to do anything but eat it!