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Friday, December 12, 2008

Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination. ~Oscar Wilde
Ok, I don't necessarily agree with Wilde but I do find him funny & it is a tart reminder after a day at the shops indulging in Christmas purchases.
I can only get one set of these in the car at a time but this is the first of three small tables & chairs that will adorn the deck for Christmas in the hope that the weather will actually be dry & we can eat outside. I prefer the smaller tables but apart from anything else in the event of a cyclone, & we do get the occasional one this far south, I wanted something I could lift myself & move indoors quickly rather than needing several very hefty men & an engineering degree.

There wasn't a lot of choice so I was pleased to get something in black, which was my preferred colour choice. Liddy, who is quite mechanical, put the table together for me & we ate our Friday night pizza on the deck in the cool of the evening.

Way back in October my mother gave me a little money for a birthday indulgence. It is perhaps still a little premature but I have bought the birdbath & set it up under the sapling growing through the deck. Everyone is referring to it as Issi's new toy. Hm. Dearest wants it on a plinth so it will eventually be even higher but luckily Iss, being male & incredibly lazy, isn't much of a hunter. I have visions of hanging a feeder in the tree when it is big enough but the girls are horrified thinking that all I will be feeding is the cat!
I have started the Christmas shopping too but neither Ditz nor I are shopaholics so by lunchtime we'd had enough & bolted for home. Ditz resorted to scare tactics this morning & informed me I only had 5 shopping days left till Christmas. She got my attention but luckily she is wrong. I have longer than that to finish getting my act together.


molytail said...

*sigh* looks so peaceful! Seriously. No wonder you're happier when you don't have to go anywhere!

Sandra said...

You have gorgeous surroundings. I'm so envious! Here's hoping you have good weather.

BTW, Oscar Wilde is a favorite of mine to quote. And there was a time in my life I took that quote quite seriously. : )

Ganeida said...

moly, the sad thing is one can have too much of the island. When people start saying they need to get of the rock you know they have *island fever* & too little outside simulation. My problem at the moment is I'm not here enough.

Sandra,I adore Oscar Wilde, with warts & all. Such a funny, funny man.

Sandra said...

The warts, I think, make him more interesting. : )

Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Pretty stuff!

Melody Plainview said...

Longer than 5 days...good thing, too. Honestly, I loathe shopping more than I loathe the last-minute stress and kicking myself for procrastinating!