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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hen's Day Out.

Girls are like phones. We love to be held, talked too but if you press the wrong button you'll be disconnected! I am battling a bit of a wog, probably thanks to Liddy who likes to share, but nothing irks me more than letting a little thing like a cold spoil my fun ~ so we went into Brisbane as planned; just Siano & I. Ditz opted to stay at home & this was probably a good thing. One way & another we didn't leave as early as we'd hoped so had a slight change of plans & opted for Siano's old stomping grounds out Toowong way.

As anything to do with Brisbane necessitates negotiating a rat's maze of unmarked streets I venture into the city only when I have no other choice. I do not like cities. I dislike cities so much I opt to live on an island but as Siano pointed out Brisbane has pockets I would like very much indeed given the opportunity to investigate them though these areas tend to encompass the sort of environment I can have without the city drawbacks. Being driven round by someone who actually knows what they're doing & has some sort of internal refedex regarding the relationships of suburbs to each other certainly helps. Old helps too. Old & a little tatty around the edges. Old & green. Which is one reason we began out Mt~Cootha way driving into the grounds of Stuartholme College, which sits on top of a hill & backs onto the botanical gardens. It was founded in 1920 by religious of The Sacred Heart with just 5 students & is a rather imposing edifice. Fantastic views from the grounds of Brisbane.

However having got so far we were absolutely ravenous & in desperate need of sustenance so Siano dragged me off to the perfect place to eat: MaryRyan's fine books & coffee. The coffee & eats is out the back. We chose the terraced verandahs which was just extraordinarily pleasant, thumbing through the catalogue discussing books while consuming salad & Italian dressing before heading back inside to sample the books. If I were a coffee table book sort this might have beguiled me. I holidayed quite a bit on the Pittwater as a child as my folks were *boaties* & I remember the old Pittwater, which was isolated & stunningly beautiful & a little quirky. However with limited money one is forced to choose wisely. Very wisely. And coffee table books are not something to waste money on. This & this I will order through the library. Probably not worth my money but at least worth a cursory look. I see Rude People wasn't available to have a look at but probably worth a library order too. I spotted something for Ditz too. Reminded me of the Lemony Snickett books & at some point I think we will round this one up & read it. Yes, I came away with something but I went for an author I know is excellent value for money & whose books have never disappointed: Tracy Chevallier's latest offering Remarkable Creatures. I adored Girl with a Pearl Ear~ring, The Lady & the Unicorn & Virgin Blue. Others I have not found so intrinsically interesting but still very readable & I have my eye on a long, long year of rehearsals with Ditz.And then this sign!!!! I sooo wish I had found this little shop when I was hunting for that little black dress for Ditz. Unfortunately the window was full of lovely things to be worn under the little black dress for optimum effect & not terribly suitable for a family oriented blog.
Bardon, where all these tantalising things reside, meanders up & down & along one of the Brisbane ridges. An older suburb that appears to be getting something of a facelift ~ a least in places. Gorgeous old Queenslanders built high & ornamented. Every time I begin to drool I remind myself of the cost in time & money just for upkeep ~ but they are sooo lovely!
This one sat on the edge of a roadside cliff & must have had spectacular 360 degree views. Bougainvillea all along the fence line which would be amazing in full bloom but just nasty, spikey, thorny & rampant otherwise. Not sure I'm a fan of Bougainvillea.
Paddling up & down the vertical streets to look at a row of workers cottages that probably date to around the 1920's. Workers could have trammed into the city proper at the time. We speculated which factories : the brewery [XXXX], Arnotts [biscuits] or maybe the docks. Most were 2 bedroom dwellings & only single walled as evidenced by the exposed external struts. Siano lived in one of them for a time.Just opposite was a tiny patch of green space with the most enormous multi~trunked ficus & a handy seat.
We sat & surveyed the view of Brisbane CBD. Yeah, I know. The contrast is rather ironic. Eventually we hoyed ourselves back towards the car but not before stopping at Monty's. Monty's, however, deserves a post all to itself.


The HoJo's said...

Sounds fab! think of me as I trudge up to Perth to drop the big 2 off at the airport for 6am!!!!! they fly off to the other side of the country without me for 12 days..... I think I'll cope ;o)


Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

Hi Ganeida,
To see that Bougainvillea in full flower would be fantastic - I love Bougainvilleas, but they won't grow here - too much frost and too hot in summer, but I can look at other peoples Bougainvilleas just 16 kilometres away where the climate is just that little bit kinder. ☺

Have a wonderful and blessed 2010, my friend.

Love and blessings,
Jillian xx

seekingmyLord said...

Interesting architecture and sights, a book store and chocolate all in one day! If an hour massage with a lovely scented oil had been added....

Ganeida said...

The Hojos: lucky you! ☺ I have a feeling Perth is a little more user friendly...

Jillian:Yes, gorgeous in flower but rather a rampant growner & I do *not* like the spikes! They can do a lot of damage.

Seeking: a massage would have been perfect.☺ The archetecture is fairly typical of a certain period & I am very fond of the look. Deep, deep verandahs, often as much as 12' wide which really does a good job of keeping rooms cool. The oldest houses don't have an internal & external wall so you can see the *bones* of the building on the external wall. Not the best insulation!