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Monday, December 21, 2009

All done ~ sort of...

Only in souls the Christ is brought to birth, And there He lives and dies.~Alfred Noyes
This is why I love the island. This morning's sunrise flushed the sky & water with faintest pink. Clouds were piled magnificently along the horizon & the water lay so still everything mirror imaged.
Twenty minutes later the sky was summer blue, the clouds perfectly reflected in blue water, the edges of the tree~tops ablaze with gold tips & the air! Oh how sweet the air smells after a night of gentle rain; sweet & damp & alive & faintly scented with salt. Why, oh why, would I want to exchange all that for cement & tarmac & crowds of grumpy shoppers? But yesterday I did.

At least Ditz is easy to buy for. Expensive but there is always something! The Ibanz was given to her but it only had a soft case & it is such an expensive guitar I felt a hard case was in order. Of course it's not something easily hidden when you have the child with you ~ or to gift wrap so Ditz won't be surprised Christmas morning! She is, however, absolutely thrilled. It's all about the look.

I saw this & thought it very Liddy~ish. Lid's not fussy; a jig~saw [I actually got her a 3~D one as well as this. *snigger, snigger*], a DVD or Cd & she's perfectly happy but every so often I see a piece of jewelry I think perfect for her & nab it because she does actually wear it & I seem to choose well for her. All her friends keep asking where she buys her jewelry & she has to confess she never buys it for herself.

As for the lads, they'll be drowning in hooks & sinkers because not only I, but Ditz & Liddy as well, invested in fishing tackle which is not only cheap but a commodity they are always in desperate need of!

Food the day before because unlike colder climes nothing is going to keep real well in this heat & I don't want to risk mouldy cherries & other unmentionable things growing on the food. Always possible. We have had 2 blackouts in 2 days & no~one seems to know why. Dearest swears it's the extra use of air conditioning which our power supplier seems incapable of accommodating but it's as likely to be yobs shooting out the transformers ~ or osprey nesting somewhere odd. Lightening strike? Anyway we have been without cuppas & cold drinks for hours at a time & this does not bode well for the festive season. Dearest has asked for Lamb Roast & salads but I am considering an investment in cold meats just in case. And the power people charge us an arm an a leg for power we can't rely on!

Now that we have the hoo~ha out of the way it is possible to concentrate a little more on what the hoo~ha is all about. Christmas eve we open the first of the goodies. We listen to the Lord Mayor's Carols & I choose scriptures from the prophets & one of the gospel accounts to read. I have a cork ~ just in case I need to bottle Ditz! See how she fizzes!


The HoJo's said...

you could always get the boys to dig a pit, light a fire and bury the lamb (wrapped) for 24 hours, NZ style.

We will be bbq-ing our joint of meat.

we are not done yet, but as it is just us this year it hardly matters if I forget something


Anonymous said...

Hi Ganeida,
We will be roasting our meat the day before, and have the salads laid out on the dining table.

Christmas shopping in our home is easy - my daughter wanted a white blouse and my son wanted some money towards his graphic tablet - no, I wasn't going to buy the whole thing, as it was $650.00. *gulp*

My husband wants some new rollers for his shed or a new computer chair, and I can't think of anthing that I want or need.

Have a great week,

MamaOlive said...

If I don't start walking soon we're likely to have biscuits for Christmas dinner! I don't think TAryn's ready for ham and roast potatoes and choc fondue. And out of eggs to go with the biscuits. >shakes head in sad disbelief<

seekingmyLord said...

My husband is the one who does most of the holiday dinners and this year we are thinking of doing the cooking on Christmas Eve and warming up left overs on Christmas day, so that we spend most of the day playing with the Princess and her new things, being that she is an only child having no siblings with which to play.

Richele said...

I love the pictures of the I really enjoy reading about your life. I should take pictures of the snow here to share with you.

Lamb roast...hmmm...I hadn't considered having that for Christmas this year..good idea. Maybe I'll have to find myself a good Lamb roast for my family.

Sandra said...

I so enjoy the peeks you give of your island. You know, if we could mix our climates we would probably make a perfect place!

I don't know if I would cork Ditz in a bottle. I think the fizz would pop the cork!

It is Christmas Eve there now. I hope your celebrations are wonderful and your food stays fresh!