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Friday, December 25, 2009

Birthdays? yes, in a general way... ~James Kenneth Stephen

Christmas immediately gives way to a birthday & Boxing Day is just a really hard day to work with. Everybody is suffering from too much Christmas cheer, too much too much & leftovers are the order of the day. I tried convincing Dearest he should choose another day in the year, any other day in the year, & celebrate then but he, quite rightly, pointed out that then that would not be his birthday. Me? I'd have changed in the wink of an eye but with Dearest & I it is definitely a case of opposites attract.

So today is Dearest's birthday. Today is the day I stop being his *older woman* again [as I am for two months out of every year]. Today is the day we clean up the rest of the presents left under the tree, eat the dessert we didn't touch yesterday [trifle this year], & bear the endless watching of the cricket with equanimity. At some point we will pause to watch the Sydney to Hobart fleet pass through Sydney Heads, spinnakers flying. It's not every year the fleet can put a spinnaker up before they are well down the coast but one year we were sailing north & arrived as the fleet emerged, a veritable rainbow of spinnakers bobbing through the twin cliffs of Sydney. I'll never forget. My mother has a squeamish stomach at the best of times & the sight of those luridly coloured spinnakers lurching across the waves towards her completely did her in & she was violently sick. Ah, the joys of a life on the briny sea!

The world this morning has narrowed to a white swirl of cloud & the steady drumming of much needed rain. Life moves forward, past the Christmas festivities that have consumed so much of December & already other things are on my agenda. Siano is due any tick of the clock ~ & how we all look forward to her flying visits! The girls & I will spend our annual January visit with my mother though now Lid is a working girl she will drive us up, have her weekend, drive home for her working week, come up the following weekend to pick us up & take us home. I must e~mail Alison about what we are going to do with Ditz this year [snigger] & do something about Ditz's curriculum. We finished the year in a shambles & apart from her math I really don't know what we've finished & what we haven't. Could be interesting.

And the lads being here think that specialty pancakes two mornings in a row is no bad thing. Really? I guess they think I'm gullible enough to make them. Ok, so I have a weak point for my sons! The trouble is I will eat them too & pancakes with walnuts, maple syrup, cream & ice cream two mornings in a row I really do not need. I was happy to settle for left over cheesecake for breakfast but unfortunately there's not enough to go around! Being a good little mummy I guess I'm off to make pancakes.


Jan Lyn said...

Hi Ganeiada~ Merry Christmas and I see a happy birthday is in order as well. Funny, we have the similar situation in my marriage-we joke that I an "the older women" but it is by one month. My son's birthday falls on New Year's's a lot at once.
Anyways, I wanted to extend my well wishes for a joyful and peaceful season for you and yours.
Jan Lyn oxo

seekingmyLord said...

May we come for your pancakes? The Princess would go crazy for them, of that I am sure.

Sandra said...

Those pancakes sound wonderful. I hope your dearest had a very nice birthday. I am an early Jan. birthday, not as bad as the day after, but the birthday so close to the holidays sort of gets lost.

Ganeida said...

Jan Lyn: Commiserations. It is a lot at once ~ & expensive. We get utility bills in Jan too so I always have to budget ahead knowing we've got those coming right on top of Christmas.

Seeking: I should love to have you come for pancakes in this world. I am extremely hopeful that apart from the communion/passover meal food is to be dispensed with in the world to come, negating the need to either prepare or eat it. I have a sneaky feeling I will be out of luck but as I shall then be sin free I may feel differently about the whole business of dealing with food.

Sandra: The pancakes are very wonderful ~ & very fattening, which is why I only make them once a year! ☺ Dearest's birthday does get lost though we have always made a point to get him something for his birthday as well as for Xmas, something that did not always happen during his childhood. I think he had a good day this year.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ganeida said...

To anon: Read the whole thing. We had a ball & I said so but truth is truth also. In the same vein ~ my blog; my thoughts; my opinons. You are free not to read here or to comment. Also note the comments section & play nice. Not nice thinks *will* be removed. Yours has been removed for mentioning the location not for anything else you have said. I find it interesting that you chose to wear the most ill~fitting cap rather than any of the nice things I had to say. How strange of you....

Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

Hi Ganeida,
HaPpY BiRtHdAy to your hubby! ☺

Ooh, leftover cheesecake for breakfast - can I come visit next year??? Sounds delightful *YUM*

Have a great week,

Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

Hi Ganeida,
There is a setting that you can change in Blogger, so that you don't have to approve posts. It just means that anonymous posters can't post. It is in settings - under comments - who can comment? Change to registered users only.

I also have comment moderation only on posts older than thirty days, as these are the ones that usually attract unwanted negative comments.

Don't let it upset your week or your blog. ♥


Ganeida said...

Jillian: Thanks for your sweet thoughts. I have several anon commentators who comment regularly but can't seem to manage my comments section as anything but anon. I think I should change the settings to make it easier for them. I know them IRL so recognize their comments. I get the occassional troll who always seems to want to put the worst possible spin on things. Unfortunate, as God has blessed me with the most beautiful bunch of regular readers & commentators. Moderation means no~one else is subject to the troll's unpleasantness. I think it the height of cowardice to hide behind anon with snarky comments but basically I've had enough of people with bad manners barging into other people's personal spaces & I will do whatever I must to ensure there is no overflow in to the rest of the blog. I know moderation is a pain for everyone. Hopefully I won't need to keep it on for long.

MamaOlive said...

Well, apart from the bad comment, sounds like you had a rollicking good time over the hols.

Just a note to help with your American readers: in America we get utility bills every month; in England it's quarterly. Oz?

Happy birthday to your dear. Cedwryck has his party on Jan 2. Maybe we'll get something on sale this afternoon; I haven't given his gifts or cake much thought yet.

Oh, the only thing we had leftover from Christmas dinner was pound cake (for the fondue), so I made a trifle for Boxing Day. Love it.

Ganeida said...

MamaO: Utility comes quarterly for most things. I get the phone every month by choice. Small bills are so much easier to deal with! lol

Happys to your Ced. What a lot of birthdays we seem to have around about now.

As for leftovers ~ never had 'em when the kiddos were smaller but they've got a little more sensible as hey've got older....

Britwife said...

We are STILL eating leftovers - only because we have to scrimp and save where we can!! I tell the little Britkids, "We don't waste in this house!". So, after ham sandwiches (yesterday) we've moved on to bean soup today (yep, and tomorrow too).

What do you make for Christmas dinner in Oz?