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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Do give books - religious or otherwise - for Christmas. They're never fattening, seldom sinful, and permanently personal." ~ Lenore Hershey

Rain for Christmas! That is an awesome gift. It has been so dry for so long & I am noticing some of my bigger trees are now looking drought stressed.

It is overcast & muggy & the temperature doesn't seem able to decide whether it's going to cook us or freeze us. Lightening keeps flashing about the horizon & thunder rumbles but the stockings are hung & at least some of the presents are wrapped.

Ditz & I are off to the mainland today to finish up the shopping. Ditz hates Christmas shopping nearly as much as I do but with extras to feed we need to stock up on one or two goodies: cherries; a tray of mangoes; watermelon; pistachios. Can't forget the pistachios. And I have nothing at all for Liddy yet. I knew what I wanted but when I went to get it there wasn't any to be had & the old mind just went completely blank. Ditz's gift is dertermined by whether or not I can cash in my Singaporean dollars. Gotta love the trip that never happened!

How many sleeps are left? Somehow I don't think there are enough.


Allison said...

Oh my you're doing much better than me! I tend to do holiday shopping in the summer and just watch the shopping madness unfold in December. Somehow those gifts always seem to get lost in those months and result in a hectic tearing-apart-the-house just before giving.

Mrs. C said...

I hope you can cash in your Singapore money. What a shame you couldn't make the trip! How is everyone feeling??

Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

Hi Ganeida,
A tray of mangoes - mangoes down here are so expensive that I can barely afford one, and you're buying a tray of them??? *sigh*

Have a great week,

Ganeida said...

Allison: I tried thaat. Once. I just lose everything.

MrsC. Yeah. I exchanged the cash [at a lose] but will have to wait on a refund.

Jillian: Someone on the side of the road was doing a tray for $10~ but he's nowhere to be seen this week. Mangoes are cheaper up here than down your way. Pity I don't even like the things....

Molytail said...

Pistachios! Very loved in this house ~ although for the last year (ever since we moved) we could only find the plain ones, never the red that stain your fingers.. until recently, when the Christmas treats appeared in the stores - aha! Red pistachios! *grin*

Jeanne said...

Never heard of red pistachios!

How'd your shopping go?