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Saturday, December 19, 2009

For Britwife!

In several of his books Eugene Peterson makes the astonishing assertion (following C.S. Lewis' idea about only lazy people working hard) that pastors are busy because they're lazy. 'How can I lead people into the quiet place beside the still waters if I am in perpetual motion?' (The Contemplative Pastor, Eugene Peterson.

Britwife: This church has been bricked in underneath but you can see along the side, especially if the image enlarges when you click on it, that it is actually supported on stilts & the underneath allows for *air flow*.
This is a fairly typical country Aussie church. No steeple. Porch out the front. The steps have been strengthened by the addition of the rail; didn't used to have one. lol Sits in a vacant paddock which becomes the parking lot. Round the back you will find a tall stand & a water tank ~ which supplys the church with water for the kettle for the cuppa after Sunday's sermon.

This is St Peters. A fisherman for a bunch of islanders, may of whom earn a living from the sea. It is used by the Anglicans & the Catholics for church services. We're actually going to go to mass [sung] Christmas morning. I can't be accussed of being denominationally intolerant! It is also used for Bingo & art classes, scrapbooking classes & choir rehearsal & on Saturday morning the Thrift shop operates here. When the ladies pack up the shop they set everything ready for Sunday morning's services.

This is one of the oldest buildings on the island ~ as us religious sorts like to point out! Christ was here from the very beginning. It has been carefully maintained & the Anglicans, who actually own the land & the building, have fought hard to keep it. When the mini supermarket went up next door the mainland church was made an offer they very badly wanted to accept but the islanders rightly pointed out that as St Peter's has always paid it's own way & has cost the mainland church nothing they should have the right to keep their own church!

I'll try & get pictures of the inside one time. It's different if you're not used to it.


Britwife said...

Oh, it is beautiful!! I love the color and the history. It reminds me of a church that I saw on Prince Edward Island (and I was so enamoured that I took a picture of it...I am a weird tourist).
Mr.Britwife and I aren't denomonationally intolerant either. He was raised Anglican (of course) but we married in the second oldest Methodist church in Minnesota (built in 1861). Our marriage was blessed six years later in the Catholic Church...I missed my roots! :)
I've been known to attend the local Lutheran church services, and I am dying to go to a Russian Orthodox Mass one of these days.
Speaking of church, I need to get the little Britkids up and out the door. Sunday school starts in an hour and 15 minutes!
Thanks so much. Now I HAVE to see photos of the inside. Please?

Sandra said...

I like the simplicity of this church. And how smart to put it on stilts.

seekingmyLord said...

Yep, that is just about how the church with the ice on the inside looked too, except for the lack of snow and the stain glass window.

Ganeida said...

Britwife: um, ok. Don't know when as it's not open all that often & I have to have remembered the

Sandra: me too. The simplicity pleases me.

Seeking: lol Somehow I had that feeling! ☺