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Friday, July 10, 2009

Just chit~chat.

Ssssh. We're still on holidays...but guess what I busted Ditz doing yesterday? Reading her poetry text! Be still my beating heart!

So our break is nearly over & Monday sees the madness start all over again. On the plus side the new math program arrived on Friday & I am overjoyed. Ditz should be able to knock this over in a week or so, freeing our schedule for more interesting things.

I actually feel rather at a loose end on break, especially winter break when it is too miserable to do anything much but attach myself intravenously to the computer. Our schooling schedule gives definition to my days & something interesting to do with my time. [Yes, I know the house could do with looking at but that is nowhere nearly as interesting as the gruesome things Nero did with Christians.] Ok, I sorted out the linen cupboard & the upstairs area for the next building project but it just doesn't give me the same sort of a thrill as finding my child knows what a metaphor is & can actually use one! It just doesn't, ok. I'm odd that way. Nope, shopping doesn't do it for me either despite the fact we did another trip & Ditz was actually getting into the whole, let's try stuff on thing ~ at least she was until everything she liked didn't fit & the largest size was in L womens. Even explaining it was Chinese sizing & meant for tiny little women without hips & busts did not mollify her feelings. She was mortified & the last thing I need is the child obsessing about a. her weight or b. her seize.

We got home from shopping to find Dearest in a tizz because Iss had lost the plot & had nearly killed him tangling round his feet because when we go out on a Friday Iss worries we're not coming back again & starts behaving in neurotic ways guaranteed to drive whoever's round completely batty. For some reason he was particularly psychotic this week. I'd like to know what goes on his brain sometimes because he wouldn't let Dearest into bed a couple of nights. Very funny. I woke up to Dearest trying to reason with the cat about moving over & sharing the bed! When Iss does finally move it's to plonk himself on top of me protectively & glare balefully at all comers. Not the brightest crayon in the box, that cat. He thinks he owns me, which couldn't possibly be true now, could it!

And true to form, now the holidays are nearly over the sun is peeking out, the mercury's starting to rise & the days are promising to be glorious from Monday on! If it wasn't for Ditz's music I'd shift our holidays to match the weather but we are tied to her music, even more so this term as I have lined up a couple of private voice lessons ~ which is sort of making Ditz nervous but excited at the same time. It's a delicate balancing act this not spooking my extroverted but very sensitive child while still encouraging her to take a risk & reach her full potential. She is very good at hiding her light under a bushel & must have a bit of Ostrich in her if she thinks any of us actually believe she's as dumb as she makes out!


Britwife said...

Poor Ditz. I actually (kind of) understand her, I think.
I am on the shy side. I hate crowds. But I will pretend that I am an extrovert in order to survive a crowd situation. I make myself overcome my shyness by PRETENDING that I am outgoing. I truly am not. I hate bringing attention to myself...but I force myself to be the center of attention in certain uncomfortable situations....
It's hard to explain.
Silly cat. Our puppy (Shiver aka Shibbs) sleeps in a ball between Mr. Britwife's pillow and mine. Not easy now that he's 22 months old. He's not a tiny dog either. Heidi sleeps down between our legs - but she's so good that she doesn't move an inch all night long. Just straight up and down. Neither of them glare at Mr. Britwife.
Glad that you'll be getting some lovely weather soon!

Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

LOL One smart cat. How are those new doonas working out?

Anonymous said...

Oh, poor Ditz!

I remember going shoe shopping with my mum, and her remarking that we would never get a pair of shoes for me, as my size nine's were so long but skinny - definitely had an impact. Now, I hate shoe shopping with a vengeance.


MamaOlive said...

Nice chatting with you.
Bob would have thrown the cat out long ago.
I'd talk more but I have children to wash.

Sandra said...

Iss is an interesting cat! Howard unfortunately sleeps on the bed. It's not me he claims ownership of, it's the bed. When Mark goes to bed Howard grumbles loudly about moving.