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Friday, July 3, 2009

Down With Homeschooling!

Bless me, what *do* they teach them at these schools? - CS Lewis
Now that I have your attention:
Germany is pretty notorious in Homeschooling circles. There they cart you off to jail & take your children away for homeschooling. One has only to hear a German teenager rant against homeschooling to be sadly aware of how thoroughly indoctrinated they have been by the State. The peer group is their most important social group & I can think of little in social situations that would scare me more than being condemned to the company of my peers. I didn't like it even when I was forced to endure it. Age has not improved my opinion. I like variety: big people, little people & all sorts of people in between.

OK, so it's not fair to pick on Germany & in all fairness Germany is not the only European country to be anti~homeschooling. Belgium doesn't think much of it either & there your little ones begin school at just 3 years old so they can be trained to fit in with society, not rock any boats in this tiny country & learn to be a good citizen. I don't know about jailing you if you don't conform but they're a Teutonic people, like the Germans, & well, I'm a Celt & I just don't see things in black & white that way. Like how many shades of grey are there?

Then in my e~mail box this morning I get this: SWEDEN: The Govt is trying to make Home schooling illegal Sweden? Sweden! That most socially egalitarian of countries? This equal opportunity, socially enlightened country? This is not good news. Really it's not. Britain is fighting new homeschool legislation. Oz has got proposed changes in the works & the States seem to constantly fight a state by state battle. I'm not normally politically active but if you would like to sign their petition, they have an English version for us, then please visit & weigh in against government control of our children. Besides, I thought you should know just because. Our world is growing darker every day.


Molytail said...

My ancestors on my father's side come from Belgium... /random

Germany's stance on homeschooling has always puzzled me... the whole 'doing what everyone is doing' thing didn't work so hot for them in the past, y'know?

Mrs. Darling said...

Okay now you are depressing me..I need to go shopping.

Ganeida said...

moly: Yeah, about where I go with the whole Germany/homeschooling thing & like, you know some of it is leftovers from Hitler which would make you do a double think, you'd think, wouldn't you?!

MrsD: Oh, I'm glad you're feeling well enough to visit round & even leave comments! ☺ Sorry to depress you but now I now there's someone else who reads the quotes.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ganeida,
We pray for Germany's homeschoolers every day, and especially for Germany's leaders, such as Angela Merkel and Horst Kohler. :)

Now, Sweden as well - what is the world coming to?

Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Yeah, I knew this. They're nuts.

seekingmyLord said...