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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Oh, what a feeling!

I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once. ~Jennifer Yane

When it rains it pours round here. It's never just one disaster. Everyone gets those. Nope, we get them in multiples. Sort of like the twin thing. Not one pregnancy but two at a time. We do disasters in multiples too.

So there I was sleeping the sleep of the just because we've been sick with one of those winter buggy things where you're not really sick just *a little unwell*. Raging headache. Funny tummy. Liddy came home from work to tell us there was swine flue on the island & someone at work's partner had it & Liddy being Liddy watched her symptoms as closely as a scientist testing a new theory. I just went to bed & slept; it's probably all rumour anyway. We are all miserable & scratchy.

I was jerked awake by the sort of smell you don't want to smell at 4am in the morning; something electrical frying. I hurtled out of bed & shot down the stairs sniffing suspiciously. Not the kitchen. Not the bathroom. Not the garage. With a sinking heat I tracked the smell to the laundry where the hot water system resides. OK, getting an electrician to look at it was going to be the devil's own job but we weren't in imminent danger of being burnt to a crisp in our beds. The jump switch was off & I assumed, as indeed I should, that everything was off. Four days later we still had hot water & none of us could figure out why. We don't any longer & still no electrician. Everyone is bathing in 6 inches of water in a bowl. Liddy is not a happy Liddy but these things happen. Deal with it.

Theo came home & on being informed we were without hot water just said cheerfully he would have a cold shower. We all just looked at him. No~one said anything but we all though he was terribly brave ~ & completely insane ~ but he took himself off for a shower & shortly the sound of running water could be heard. Next thing Theo shot out of the bathroom still fully dressed & uttering a very pithy word indeed to ask meekly would I boil him some water! The cold water proved too cold for Theo.

I then noticed the fridge was no longer working properly & seriously hope it is NOT our whole electrical system having a meltdown. The fridge freezer is working but the fridge part is not. OK, I can work round this while we wait on the electrician. I can also acquire an almost new fridge for next to nothing. Thank you. Lord. No idea how I will get it here as our car does not have a tow bar & we do not own a trailer but having provided a whole fridge I'm sure the Lord can manage the little matter of shifting it.

I have lived on the island a long time. When disaster hits you just know nothing is going to get fixed in a hurry so there is no use fussing about the inevitable. Just the same, stumbling bleary eyed out to the car to run Theo to work in the dark this morning, I did not need to find the car has a flat tire! My whole day is thrown out. Liddy, who really isn't well & has come home from work early twice already this week, was less than happy to find she had to bike into work this morning. I must cancel out Ditz's flute lesson. What I will be doing instead is changing a tire as soon as the sun rises enough to see by & taking the tire to be patched as soon as the garage opens. The good news is that there is no choir tonight & the mainland car is now fully operational again. I am more than grateful for small mercies at this point!


Heidi said...

Oh boy. Grace for each moment....

Diane Shiffer said...

Well, thank the Lord indeed for small mercies... and I do think it says quite a lot for your character my dear that you are looking for the small mercies instead of griping and moaning about the myriad catastrophes of your week thus far. Our hot water was on the blink a few weeks ago and the cold shower was our only real option... thankfully it is summer here, so cold showers are not quite as unbearable as they would be on your side of the world right about now. Still, those were very short showers and as few and far between as we could manage;)

Have a better day today dear. I'll be praying for you♥

Catherine said...

Oh dear me! Sometimes these things just do happen, all at once. I hope it all gets sorted out very soon for you all.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ganeida,
(((Huggzzz))) - I think that you need them.

I'm praying that the rest of the week will be better for you.

Unknown said...

Oh, my when it rains is pours doesn't it? I hate when everything seems to go wrong all at once. I hope you get it all straightened out quickly and that everyone starts to feel better soon.

Ganeida said...

Thanks Ladies. It's quite funny really but I do feel for our workers who like a good soak at the end of a long hard day. Oh, & I said if the Lord provided the fridge he'd organise the transport ~ & he has!

seekingmyLord said...

Of course, He has. There was not doubt in my mind.

Even though it's a terrible inconvenience when our modern appliances are not working, it is also a wonderful reminder of how much ease they bring to our lives. It is humbling to think how many generations before this and many peoples of the world still have lived without them. Even so, I hope that all is up and working for your family soon.

Britwife said...

On days like this aren't you just asking yourself, "WHAT next?!"