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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wednesday morning.

First a howling blizzard woke us,/Then the rain came down to soak us,/And now before the eye can focus -/Crocus. ~Lilja Rogers

I know it is spring. The weather can't make up its mind at all. Issi has moved onto the verandah where he surveys a world gone mad with enduring interest. Yes, he likes the glass topped tables, which soak up the heat, & when I go to pick him up his fur is so hot I nearly burn myself. The honeyeaters sit on the the sapling growing through the verandah & serenade the birdbath before plunging in & out, shake all over, in & out. Putting a birdbath on the deck was one of my better ideas. It gives us endless delight as our small visitors come & go during the day.
The water is blue & hazy through the trees, the early morning air still crisp & smelling richly of damp earth, salt & eucalypt. The sun sets golden fire to the edges of the leaves & the shadows dance across the decking in an intricate weaving. One's soul could burst from pure delight on such a morning as this.
I have been busy. It is pleasant sitting outside slowly painting my way across the deck. Bit by bit it is actually getting done, though a slow old process given I am gone so much & Dearest can do so little. Still we have had blue gum slabs sitting in our yard for years. If you aren't Aussie *blue* is often the term used to denote something reddish so blue gums actually give a rich red timber. Dearest used one of the slabs to make this permanent seat on the verandah & I have finally managed to seal it. The estapol really brings out the grain & the rich red hues. The sapling grows through the deck beside it & one day it will grow above the roof line & shade the whole lower deck. The birds haven't waited & perch there happily before & after their bath.
Grab a coffee & come sit a while with me contemplating the wondrous workings of God & the good things it was His pleasure to make for our enjoyment. We should get our coffee drunk before the sandies & mozzies find us & start biting.


seekingmyLord said...

I would love to join you but, you know, skeeters (as some call your mozzies here) seem to think I am like a rich chocolate brownie sundae with fudge. They find me as soon as I even look like I might go outside and line up. One will bite me ten times before it even notices there are ten other people with me.... I guess it is a blessing for the other people, when I come to think about it.

Anyway, it sounds lovely there but I would not give up my autumns here. My favorite season is now approaching!

Heidi said...

Sounds delightful....

Anonymous said...

Can I stay for lunch?


Constance said...

You're right, it's funny to think of you having Spring over there and I am decorating for Autumn! Your porch, surrounded by the trees sounds like a perfect place to go and meet with the Lord as well as enjoy the stillness around you. If I can bring a bug zapper, I'll be right over!
Tee Hee

Britwife said...

It looks beautiful! What's a sandie?

Birbitt said...

Your porch sounds lovely and I would love to join you, as I greatly miss enjoying all four seasons. Here it seems we only have but two hot and lukewarm...

Molytail said...

Can I bring a small bucket of snow to store in the fridge? :-P

Nah ~ your home is so lovely, I think I could actually give up the white fluffy stuff and live on your island quite happily. Anything for sale nearby? Okay, wait, have to win the lottery first LOL *grin*

Ganeida said...

Seeking: we'll burn some coils & candles for you to keep the bities away.

Heidi! So pleased you popped in. Hope you are well!

Siano! know where the tea & coffe live.

Connie: I often sit on the deck & commune with my Lord. You're right; it's the perfect place.

Britwife. Sandie = sandfly = small biting insect that leave nasty welts. Yucky.

Birbitt: it doesn't change much round here but I do like to notice that the seasons are changing.

Moly: when *are* you moving out here?! Leave that white stuff alone. I'm sure it's not good for your health! lol Any time...You know where we live!

Anonymous said...

It has been so hot here today, and the dust has been absolutely dreadful. Spring is supposed to be here, but the temperature here today was 33C. :P

All in all have had a positively awful week, but praying that next week will be better.