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Monday, September 7, 2009

A Different Tuesday's Trivia.

In order to see birds it is necessary to become part of the silence - Robert Lynd

We interrupt the usual Tuesday Trivia for something a little different because last night was as exciting as it gets round here.

Ditz is the only one who actually likes evening t.v though between reading her book & strumming her guitar she doesn't actually watch too much of it. She was curled up in her red chair as per usual when I started getting hissed instructions to very quietly get my butt down there. One never knows with Ditz but she was so insistent I dutifully hoyed my butt.

There banging insistently against the window while the wind & rain skirled about it was the tiniest visitor. I was plain shocked. By the time it's dark all good little birdies are roosting unless they are nocturnal, like owls. This little birdie had absolutely no business being out in the wild & windy dark, bright eyed & bushy~tailed.

We watched for a while but when he showed no signs of flying away I paddled outside & scooped him up. He was more than happy to be scooped & showed no fear at all.

The thing is, I have absolutely no idea what he is. I have scoured my bird books & am no wiser at all. He was so tiny, barely 2", with a bright russet patch under his chin & gold markings around the beak & at the corner of the eyes, but buff underneath & quite dark on top. The beak was more a honeyeater's than anything but the flight & wing movement like a fantail, or wrenish. However I'm pretty certain he wasn't a wren because his tail was too short & stubby though the size is right. And the beak excludes most of the other small birds, like finches & shrikes & warblers.
So any of my Aussie readers who can throw light on our visitor's identity do tell!
We think the wind must have blown him off his roosting perch. I warmed him up in my cupped hands & then Ditz & I released him when the wind & rain eased off on the sheltered side of the house.
It is such a joy when something so wild is so trusting. he had absolutely no fear of us & wasn't all that keen on getting his freedom back. We, however, did not need a small bird. We have Issi.


Allison said...

I can't help you with the identification, but, wow, how amazing it must have been to hold such a diminutive treasure in your hands!

seekingmyLord said...
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seekingmyLord said...

I am not a bird expert, but it might be a type of Warbler. I saw a picture of a Little Grassbird that looked quite similar but that may not be it.

Jeanne said...

Is he a rock warbler? He's cute, whatever he is!

Ganeida said...

She. I've gone right through my books & I think we had a very young female scarlet honeyeater. Think. I can't find anything else roughly the right size & colouring. I did try the warblers first but the beak was wrong. Definitely a honeyeater beak.

Sandra said...

Whatever it was, you and Ditz were good souls to help it out. Never a dull moment on the island!

Britwife said...

That is so neat. And tiny! :)
As you said, never a dull moment!

Birbitt said...

what a cute tiny treasure to find on the porch.

Molytail said...

aw, cuteness! We had a bird here for a few hours one day this summer ~ Blair brought it home from work, after it flew into the warehouse & discovered the ceiling fan, stunning itself (though he didn't know if it was hurt worse) He hung out with us for a while, getting his wits back about him, and then off he went ~ I really know nothing of birds and wasn't sure about setting him free so far from where he'd been (almost 30min drive), but he sure didn't belong out on site, flying 'round warehouses & dodging haul trucks! He seemed content about it all though, so I think we're good.

Constance said...

I have always been partial to birdies. Right now, as I peck away on the keyboard, SQUEEGY the Amazing Cockatiel is happily chirping away at the sun. I love watching the birds at the feeder outside, free entertainment!

It's funny that when I think about God the Creator I think of mountains, oceans, twinkling stars in the universe and yet...there's something as delicate and fragile as your little bird, the gossamer wings of a butterfly, morning dew on a spider's web...all proclaiming His glory!

Jan Lyn said...

How precious! I love those unexpected joy moments.