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Saturday, September 5, 2009


When I examine myself and my methods of thought, I come to the conclusion that the gift of fantasy has meant more to me than any talent for abstract, positive thinking. ~ Albert Einstein.

Sandra hasn't got enough to do so she is doing memes ~ & passing them along.

The rules are simple; I need to tell 10 things about myself that are true. The temptation to lie is extraordinary. Remember all those fairy tales where the peasant girl is discovered to really be a princess? That's me. You don't buy it? Nope; me either.

1. I do not suffer fools willingly or gladly. God wants an attitude change on this one because He keeps throwing them my way & I keep rolling my eyes & tuning out. Not that I'm so smart but I do prefer intelligent conversation.

2. Which leads to 2; I'm not good at small talk ~ or with people I don't know well. See one & two. Most people don't do well when greeted by a stranger & asked their views on the purpose of black holes. The exceptions are usually worth knowing. You know where to leave your views on black holes. Thank you for enlightening my ignorance.

3. I am taller than my mother. This was a source of delight when I was 12 & finally overtook her 5' 1 3/4". My girls are taller than my 5'5". This is a source of delight to them. I am less than happy to be the second shortest person in the house. Issi really shouldn't count being the cat & all but if I don't count him I am the shortest person in this house.

4. I am 2nd generation Australian on my mother's side. Dearest is 2nd generation on his mother's side. This means our children have more Scottish blood in their veins than either of us do. Life is so not fair!

5. I miscarried a child at 3 months. My whole body wept. It was one of the hardest griefs because only Dearest even knew I was pregnant & no~one really understood my grief for the possibilities that ended with my child's death. Dearest practicaly pointed out the 4 children I had needed me. I needed to grieve for the child I'd lost. For my sins when we finally fell pregnant again we got Ditz.

6. The last math exam I sat I failed so spectacularly I didn't get a single question right. In point of fact I couldn't do any of the paper at all & merely got marks for making an *attempt*. On the other hand I was in the top 5% of my state for English. Totally right brained.

7. I have an inconvient sense of humour. I laugh in all the wrong places & weep over nothing at all. Unfortunately I have passed this deplorable trait along to my children. I notice even Ditz has acquired this trait. She is the only child at choir picking up on black humour.

8. I will eat escargot swimming in garlic sauce & I have even tried frog's legs but I eat no seafood at all, under any circumstances. Never. Ever. Ever. Seafood should stay in the sea. Do you know what that stuff eats?!

9. I didn't want children. 'Nuff said. You can count as well as I can.

10. I was an adult before I ever read a non~fiction book of my own free will. It was about King Arthur. Some people would probably argue I hadn't actually moved out of pure fantasy.

I do solemnly swear I have told the truth ~ if not the whole truth. As Sandra says, "I tag anyone who reads this and wants to participate."


notes from an island said...

your sovren majusty
as one of your loyal subjects i am most disapoinded that find me a fool i do remind you that we all live on this island so with grate disopoiment i hear by anounce you must be a fool too with the rest of us ha ha ha
while i have no intrest in black holes i leave you the pleasure or torcher of working out my spelling and grammer ha ha ha
there is nothing wrong with fish so long as i dont have to cach it come over i will cook you some

Ganeida said...

Mr Bean: I pointed no fingers but as the saying goes; if the cap fits....☺

Um, you need to reread no.8.

As your sovereign majesty, I am disappointed that after all the toys I've provided for you to play with you caste aspersions on my integrity. I thought the black holes were where you kept the fish?

Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Awww... Bless you, God knew what you needed with Ditz. I got an Elf after much waiting following my miscarriage. Straight from the Keebler factory and still smelling of chocolate chips. :]

Sandra said...

This is an enlightening list. We have a few similarities. I'm glad you got Ditz, she keeps you young. While she wears you out!

I have too much to do, which is, I suppose, why I end up doing nothing!

Britwife said...

Your #5 hit home. After I had a stillborn baby boy - I couldn't bear the thought of any more children. And then we had Pie.... :)
I think that is the reason that he is soooo spoiled.

Ganeida said...

MrsC:What would you do without your keebler elf?!

Sandra: For 2 people so far apart we share some disturbing similarities...

Britwife:Yeah, we waited a long time for Ditz ~ 6 years. Just as well really given how much work she is to keep! lol