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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Running like a headless chook.

I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once. ~Jennifer Yane

So my week's gone like this: Monday we went into town to pick up a birth certificate for Ditz because her old one got put away far too safely & now no~one can find it. We picked up passport forms. We then discovered my birth certificate is no longer valid so I went back in to town today & we all know how much I love Brisbane. Six hours it took me ~ only to be told because I was born in N.S.W Brisbane couldn't issue me a birth certificate! Just luverly!

Honestly, I was tearing out my hair at the stupidity of it in a computer generated age but without my cert., I can't even do Ditz's passport because I can't prove I was an Australian citizen when she was born. Red tape is crazy! I've had to post stuff down to Sydney which is insane because they are taking it on faith that I am who I say I am!

I have more forms than I know what to do with. Mug shots. Rehearsal schedules. My stress levels went through the roof trying to get everything done & despite my best efforts I just couldn't relax about any of it. I'm waking at night running through my to~do lists. My mind is churning through all the things still to be done. You have no idea how much I hate this!

I live in a place Time forgot where life is lived at a slower pace than the 21 century dictates; a time where everything was simpler. Rush, haste, noise are antipathy to me. I like pottering through my days. Rushing round Brisbane like a wasp in a beehive is not for me. So we are taking a few days out with my mother before school starts back up & things get truly insane around here. Our supervisor is coming for her term visit ~ which is sorta embarrassing just now as I haven't even begun to mark Ditz's math, let alone think about sending any of it in to be run through the governmental hoops. I have stuff ready to go but am not in the least organised.

Priorities. I have spent our holidays de~junking & doing paperwork. I need a holiday from my holiday. I need a holiday so I can have a holiday. I need my mother to organise me. She's good at that. Isn't that what mothers are for? Ooops! I am one of them. Poor Ditz!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ganeida,
ROFL - Sounds like you need to de-stress, although where we live, stress is not a normal part of our lifestyle either.

We are going to Tumby Bay on Friday to stay with a very dear friend of ours, so I shan't be around for a few days. I'm looking forward to going to church with her, too.

Perhaps when you get back you could take a few days to get over your "holiday".

P.S. Love the cat!

Diane Shiffer said...

Honey... I have to tell you I felt a bit of relief when I read your post. Relief to know I am not the only one who's running around "like a headless chook." My paper work fiascos are mainly automobile related, but dealing with the DMV is a nightmare and migraine in the making. I also got notification from the school system that they didn't approve my plan for Noah this year. Yipes! I've never even heard of that happening... apparently they feel he is a bit too advanced for what I want to do with him. Well, that's all fine and dandy, but while I am his *mother* and his teacher for the last 5 years, they wouldn't know the kid if he came up and bit them on the nose (something that I just may encourage him to do... joking! joking!) I wake up in the night filled with dread too...

Thankfully, I don't have to drive in Brisbane;)

((hugs)) to you, my dear♥

Ganeida said...

Jillian: I am blaming menopause for all sorts of things just now! lol

Diane, my love, Friends have just got back from your neck of the woods [she's American, he's English] & I don't think I would ever, ever drive in your country. It sounds way crazy & scary!!!!

Britwife said...

Sounds like a typical day for me....ok, I am joking. I do wake at night (all the time) running things through my head. Things like, "Did I pay that bill?"
How long will you be gone? Is it a long enough trip to enjoy it like a tourist? Or will all of your days be filled with concerts and music?

Molytail said...

Yep, I am very glad that our choir trip will only be out of *province*, not out of country. I'd running around that myself, if it were, because none of us have passports - and, for that matter, neither Cindy nor I have ID that matches our current province yet. I have still have to trade in my island license for and AB license.. then there's the whole thing about how you have to get a "guarantor" (or something like that) who has to be someone who ALSO has a Canadian passport, lives in your community, and has known you for two years. Hmm, we've lived here 10 months. How's that work eh? :-P

Yes, I'll take the next province over, you enjoy Singapore. *grin*

Oh hey, I wonder if my folks have been there...I can't father & stepmother traveled a lot when they lived overseas - you were asking one day about something interesting to do on a day off, I can check if they've been.

MamaOlive said...

Poor you!! Oh, I didn't enjoy getting our birth certificates, passports, and visas together for the move...and we had professional help! My mom couldn't believe I'd never even got birth certificates for the younger children until we needed them for passports.

Would it help you to make a list? If I can write down all the things going through my mind I can at least have it organized on paper. :-)

Ganeida said...

Britwife: we will be gone 5 days & no, not much time to be a tourist. I'm hoping for one thing that Ditz can really enjoy...

Moly:Please ask your folks. Yeah, passports are crazy like that here too. 9/11. It wasn't this sort of a circus last time...

MamO: Oh, you make me feel better. At least I don't have to do as many as you do! I've tried lists. They completely freak me out ~ looking at what I have to do in B&W!

kimba said...

I know how you feel. I didn't need a birth cert. until a few years ago. Mum had had one for me but we couldn't find it so I too had to send away to NSW. It took two weeks to come. Just as well I wasn't in a hurry.

Linda said...

Our daughter's trip, in the holidays, meant I felt much the same way. Now I can't adjust to things being "normal".