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Saturday, September 19, 2009

“The crab that walks too far falls into the pot” ~ Haitain proverb.
It's been a while but... the boys are home. My verandah looks like this.
And Dino couldn't be happier! He's suppossed to start his MastersV ticket in October ~ which means he can drive bigger boats. This is the lad that flunked actual school in a big way. I won't start on about what I think of the school system.

Then this is what I found in my kitchen sink this morning. When they start getting this big I worry about what they've found to eat round my place that I don't know about!
My S~in~L is British & these things rather spooked her mother when she came to visit. The one that sat down beside her at lunch sent her hurtling into a bedroom until said spider was removed. Unfortunately, as more than one Aussie remarked, there was likely to be an even bigger one in the bedroom ~ & should we tell her?!


Persuaded said...

Spiders me no like-y.

Seriously, one of the things I like most about the clime where I live is the fact that there are very few insects. We see spiders occasionally, a few ants during the summer, and fruit flies if we're not careful with the produce, but that's it. Thank heavens for small favors☺

Sandra said...

I say, now that is a SPIDER! Wowsers. The boys muck things up a bit, but I know you are happy to have them come home.

Molytail said...

I'd be tempted to sneak out at night and tie pretty ribbons on those things. :-P

Cool spider - what is it?

Ganeida said...

Moly: *those things* are crab pots & he crabs for everyone in the house ~ even those of us who do NOT like crab ☺ The spider is a Huntsman ~ & he's only a baby.

That spider is a teeny leetle fella.

Diane: I prefer snakes but at least these spiders are harmless & they like cockroaches. Eating cockroaches is good...

Molytail said...

ah yes, you mentioned the Huntsman before ~ while I wouldn't really want him in my sink, he's pretty neat looking.

I'd figured them for seacritter traps of a sort ~ I just like ribbons. :-P

Good luck to him on his MastersV ticket thingamajig!

Molytail said...

and I totally owe you an email! Sorry, coming along tomorrow. >^..^<

Hey wait. My tomorrow is your today.. when I get to the start of my tomorrow, you'll be very nearly done with it.. by the time I get set down for the evening & get my emails off, you'll be into Monday... so I think... what I should say is:

I'll write you back yesterday!

Errr what? Yeah, just like that. *grin*