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Friday, September 18, 2009

Eyeing off my bed...

“My own business always bores me to death; I prefer other people's.” Oscar Wilde.

Days like today leave me weary to my very core; frazzled; irritable. I'm like a yo~yo that's gone round the world too many times.

I had planned math, last day of the school term & everything. Liddy had planned on sleeping in; first day of her weekend. Ditz was up, always a good sign, especially as she is cat sitting just now. I was plodding gently down my *to do* list anticipating a fairly productive day when Liddy shot out of her room bleating that she had a boat to catch in 20 minutes & was Ditz coming? She was seeing a movie Ditz has been wanting to see & which Liddy had originally planned on seeing in the afternoon but a friend needed a baby~sitter in the afternoon so a change of plans. Okaaay.

I put the girls on a boat & as it turns out Ditz would have got nothing done in any case. I spent the entire day running round like a headless chook. Garage for petrol. Chemist for medication. Library for photocopying. J.P to sign a Stat., Dec. Pick up girls. Liddy had bought meat so shop for freezer bags. Pack meat. P.O to post Stat., Dec. Home. Drop Ditz to feed her cats. Take Liddy to collect her keys. Drop Liddy to babysitter's. Put car keys on a boat for Theo. Pick up Ditz & run her to her teaching session.

We aren't done yet. I have the girls to pick up, the boys to pick up & chat with Ditz about her teaching session... for which she was late & it is my fault. I just got tired & completely misread the kitchen clock which has BIG numbers & BIG hands & which I should be able to read without a problem.

See Mr Bean has decided they're homeschooling & their Jumpin' Bean is one of the artsy~farsty brigade so Ditz has agreed to try her 'prentice hand at teaching music. This could be interesting. This is where the Ditz element comes into play. Fourteen is not a baby but in Ditz's case she has hardly reached an age of venerable wisdom!

I have had a week where I am ready to tear my hair out. Naturally Ditz's math is responsible. Ditz has whinged & whined & grizzled & grumped that she just can't do her math. So I have sat with her each & every day working her problems with her. This is absolutely exhausting. Math just wipes the floor with me & I am good for absolutely nothing else afterwards. Nor is Ditz, so it is heavy going & progress is slow. The easy problems I can manage after a fashion ~ though not because I actually understand them! I can follow instructions while the numbers remain small but as the numbers got larger my ability diminished. At this point Ditz began to simply provide the answers. No working. No nothing. When I asked her to explain how she was coming to her conclusions her explanations belonged in the nether regions. Seriously. No~one in their right mind can possibly work math like that ~ except that apparently Ditz does. Most of her answers were right. Where they were wrong they'd only be out by 1. No, I have no idea. It's just insanity making.

So this is the mindset that set out to teach some basic singing, wherein, I believe, Ditz taught warm~up exercises that involved relating said noise to an animal; drawing said animal; making animal noise with actions. OKaaaaay. I guess Ditz has learnt something from Alison. Not sure if it was a productive session or not. Will have to chat with Jumpin'Bean's mummy but Ditz was a scream. Poor girl. Finally she was on the other end of all her ADD antics & my, oh my, what an eye~opener that was! How I wish I'd been a fly on the wall!

I am eyeing my bed with anticipation. I can't wait to lay me down to sleep tonight.


seekingmyLord said...

While you have been sleeping, I read your blog!!! I hope you had a good rest.

Anonymous said...

looks like mum's great teaching skills rubbed off on ditz as she did a fantastic job with a difficult student lol. she rose to the challenge and did very well, quite impressed.