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Monday, August 3, 2009

NOT, Tuesday's Trivia.

All men who have turned out worth anything have had the chief hand in their own education. - Sir Walter Scott

Don't tell me God doesn't have an exceptional sense of humour.

I read the books, you know. Without. exception. they told a charming tale of self motivated children scoring above national percentiles in standardized tests. They had the pictures to prove it: children sitting at desks or around the kitchen table diligently studying their math or science & reading at college levels in grade 4.

I waited. Ditz was young & flighty. I was doing as all the books said: choosing curriculum for her learning style, providing "enrichment" activities, working at her pace, appreciating her valuable uniqueness & it made not an iota of difference. Ditz was learning resistant.

No that's not quite true. Ditz only resists that which the state dictates she should learn. I have the proof. Ditz had her singing lesson Saturday lunchtime. By Sunday afternoon she was word perfect in 3 new songs & pretty much had the music down pat as well. Every day that child disappears into her room without a word to anyone & the muted sound of practise drifts through the house. If, per chance, I should stick my head round her door, she is bolt upright in her *default position* diligently applying every instruction she has ever received about singing.

It's true that for years I have had to nag her about *practise* for flute & violin but suddenly there has been a shift. Ditz's timing is lousy but when the news comes on each evening, & her father immerses himself in the woes of the world, it's Ditz's cue to grab her flute & head upstairs. These days she watches t.v with her guitar in her lap memorising chords. When the adds come on she practises her strumming.

Everything I have ever had to say on education all down the years, everything I've ever read about self motivated learning Ditz applies ~ to music! And to music alone. We do our best with the other subjects but Ditz is just going through the motions. Everything I've tried so hard to drum into that child I see applied to her music: hard work [don't ever tell me music isn't hard work after having a child nearly in tears because their diaphragm hurts so much!]; diligence; perseverance; self~motivation; immersion. God gave me what I wanted ~ just not in the way I was expecting!

Fourteen years ago today Ditz entered this world, a round roly~poly child with dimples in places I didn't even know you could get dimples! She had a cap of red fuzz & no eyelashes ~ which made her look like an alien. I knew we were in for an interesting ride when the child said her first words [words, plural! A complete sentence!] at just 5 months old. And she was bribable. I like being able to put a child down & know she will still be there 5 minutes later but Liddy thought Ditz should walk & to this end dangled luscious red strawberries before the child's eyes. When there were no more strawberries she used chocolate.

Ditz has been loved & petted & fussed over by everyone, which is the prerogative of the youngest child but for years she was very much my shadow. At 14 she is finally flowering into her own person. Yes, music is very much a part of who Ditz is but she is so much more. She is kindness itself. She can't bear any sort of cruelty to others. She is warm & generous. She has a marvelous sense of humour & a sunny disposition. We waited a long time to get Ditz but she was worth the wait & has blessed our lives enormously. ♥♥♥Happy Birthday, Ditz!♥♥♥


seekingmyLord said...

Fourteen!? 8o

Happy Birthday, Ditz!

The HoJo's said...

I have warmed up ane everything so here goes...

Hippo Birdy To Ewe
Hippo Birdy To Ewe
Hippo Birdy Dear Ditz
Hippo Birdy To Ewe



The HoJo's said...

didn't spell check though ;o)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to you,
May Jesus bless you,
May He guide you and keep you,
The whole year through.♥♥♥

Happy birthday, Ditz! You sound like a wonderfully, warm human being who'll go well through life.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Ditz! Enjoy it! You enjoy it too mom, these things only happen once a year and every year they are just a little older and a little closer to independence.

I wish I could stop time and keep my boys small forever.

MamaOlive said...

Happy Birthday!

Diane Shiffer said...

Oh is it Ditz' birthday?? Happy Birthday sweet girlie! I can't wait to see what wonderful things you will make of your life... even watching you from afar is an adventure♥ Give that sweet mama of your'n a big ((hug)) today!

Sandra said...

I hope her birthday was filled with happiness. Watching her progress in life is a lively time!

Ganeida said...

Thank you to everyone from Ditz. ☺

Britwife said...

I hope that she had a wonderful birthday! My youngest daughter's first words were "Bye Papa!" when she was 6 months old. It completely took us by surprise. She hasn't stopped talking since....
I sit here in empathy with you about the learning. Oldest son was the child that sat at his desk getting straight A's on everything - including his standardized tests.
Oldest daughter would sit and CRY for hours at having to finish a page of her math book. That sucked.

Allison said...

So what was her first sentence?
Hope she had a lovely day :)