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Friday, August 21, 2009

Saturday, Saturday.

I love spring anywhere, but if I could choose I would always greet it in a garden. ~Ruth Stout

Spring is here ~ a little early but definitely on its way! The air has changed & the days are definitely warmer! And where am I spending the day? In Brisbane of course. *sigh*.

Ditz is performing with the QLD Youth Orchestra at QPAC tonight but today they are rehearsing with the orchestra. They are only doing the one piece so it's not worth purchasing a ticket & sadly rehearsals are closed. This would be worth being a fly on the wall for. The theatre is very intimate & because they are sharing the stage with the orchestra the kids get to line up single file along the very edge of the stage where you can see the whites of the audiences' eyes!!! That's nerve wracking enough but the acoustics are such that you can't hear the performer beside you so it's as if you are soloing. If they keep the same format they had Wednesday Ditz will be plonk in the middle of the stage. *snigger, snigger.*

The movies aren't inviting so I guess its walking through Southbank for me. I have a book & coffee is available so I will lack for very little.

I really need a weekend at home though. I have never seen a spring like this before. We have so much gum blossom in great creamy drifts my yard & verandah have turned white with the stuff & the lorrikeets, rosellas & cockatoos have been stripping the sails till there are great twiggy branches lying all over everything as well. The bats, which feed on the blossom, have arrived in droves too, screeching & crashing through the treetops all night long. With the hotter weather the birdbaths are more popular & I am having to check them more often to make sure they are topped up with fresh water. We always get the little birds ~ honeyeaters, flycatchers & fantails ~ but as the temperatures skyrocket the bigger birds get desperate & there's nothing quite like the sight of a friar bird, magpie or kookaburra trying to squeeze into a contraption meant for something much, much smaller. They are not in the least self conscious about looking like prize idiots!

Ditz & I are getting very, very tired. All the travelling takes its toll & more often than I like I have been scheduling easy school days but then yesterday Ditz took a whole 20 minutes to do her science instead of the all morning drama I was expecting & our history reading is finally aligning with her extension project on Gypsies though, naturally, we are behind on her math. If we must do math I wish we had the math brain to cope with it but we do not & it continues to be the fly in our ointment, which is a shame as everything else rolls along quite nicely. Thank goodness Ditz has brains & to spare or it would all be a much bigger drama than it is.

Meanwhile Liddy is down to her last few needed hours for her driver's licence. I can't believe she's been driving for over 12 months ~ or how scary she was those first few weeks. Now she is very, very competent; if anything a little overconfident but she lined up the first of about 3 lessons with a driving school ~ one of the better ones with a good first time pass rate & sound preparation for the test~ & came home over the moon. Her instructor was very pleased with her driving habits. I rather let the air out of her balloon by remarking I must have done a pretty good job! She looked confused for a moment then got it. Yes, dear heart, mummy did a good job teaching you! *swipes at brow in relief!* Another licenced driver round her would be very handy!


The HoJo's said...

phew, will think the right things for Liddy, Ditz and YOU :o)


Jan Lyn said...

I love to hear your description of spring there. The birds and plantlife are so different than what I have any knowledge of. It sounds wonderful.

Rest up and congratulations on Liddy driving. I know 'that' feeling. My son has graduated and been driving for a year and a half now. Will be on his way to college in less than 2 weeks and our school year will be starting.

Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

That would be great to have another licensed driver. You might invest in a boat too at this rate. :]

Anonymous said...

Hi Ganeida,
Don't forget to take time to "smell the roses". Your lifestyle sounds as if it is going at an absolutely frenetic pace at the moment.

I have a loyalty award waiting for you on my blog. ☺

Mary A. Miller said...

I enjoy reading your blog, especially since you're on the "other side of the world". The birds and such sound rather exotic! :) Our summer is slowing fading towards fall here. And living on an island!! I can see how that has it's difficult side. You can be so proud of your daughters! Blessings to you and yours!

MamaOlive said...

With all you have to go through to get a driver's license, I probably shouldn't tell you how it works in Texas... At age 15 I took a 6 week class (once a week, I think); after 2 lessons I passed a written test to get a permit (have to drive with an adult in the front seat). The rest of the class was driving instruction and a little book work. Then, on my 16th birthday I took a written test (no driving test because of the classes) and was on my way. whee!

It's nice to think of Spring coming on somewhere. We aren't quite to Fall yet, but I know it's coming.

Ganeida said...

Hojos: beyond thinking myself so thanks for thinking for me! ☺

Jan Lyn: nice to have you visit, my dear. While you suffer the agonies of winter snow come visit us in our sweltering summer.

MrsC: we have the boat ~ languishing 2 islands over as the boys haven't got round to bringing it home yet but with my sense of direction I have absolutely no intention of setting out to sea!

Jillian: that's what boat rides are for ~ & sleeping of course! ☺

Mary A. Miller: welcome. Always nice to *meet* new people. ☺

MamoO: it wasn't always like this but as our young people seem intent on wiping themselves out on our roads & causing untold carnage & heartbreak our govt., has got stricter & harsher about who can actually drive a death machine. Perhaps not a bad thing but the paperwork is frustration making.