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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A week in retrospect...& don't come back!

May you live in interesting times ~ Chinese proverb.

I have found the last week so difficult I haven't been able to pull order out of chaos enough to write about it. It has been emotionally draining. Let's face it, every job I've ever held they sent me along for assertivness training because I find confrontation so difficult I avoid it at all costs. This is neither wise nor beneficial so a week starting with major confrontation has done absolutely nothing for my headspace ~ especially as that was just the beginning.

Finally we had found an electrician who had time to do our water heater. Yes, we have been without hot water all that time. The downside was I had to do the running round to pick up the new element & some light fittings as we were doing lights at the same time. Ditz & I left early & managed everything nicely ~ which is almost unheard of. I had just pulled out of our parking space & was completely stopped ~ as you do to: change gears; put on your seat belt; respond to the child going, "Waaaait!" beside you. I don't know but we were stopped for one or all of these reasons when a young woman slammed into us as she backed out of her parking space.

Now I wasn't happy; it's not my car, after all, but I am a civilized human being & accidents happen so I pulled back into a parking space [can't clutter up the road, now, can we?] & got out of my car to check our damage & that the other driver was ok. Damage negligable. Liddy wasn't going to be happy but it could have been so much worse.

Then the other driver accuses me of backing in to her. Pardon? We were stationary! I point this out & ask her to check with Ditz. She then says Ditz will lie & just say whatever I tell her to. What planet does this girl live on?! I began narking up. It takes a bit but when it happens it's not pretty. This girl is in full tirade & abusive. Fine, only don't accuse my kid, ok. I gave her my details but as I pointed out, not my car & I have no idea who it is insured with.

I ring Dearest & check with the police that I have done as I should & was not in the wrong & head on to choir ~ which was an extended rehearsal for Saturday's concert. We missed lunch, afternoon tea & dinner. Ditz & I were upset & starving by the time we got home but whatever.

We think the other driver rang Monday & got Ditz but asked for someone who doesn't even live here; total confusion on Ditz's part. There is a reason for that nickname. Meanwhile the Sparky arrived & unpluged all our electricals: no phone, no inter~net, no nothing & ever since we've had no phone at all. Dearest says it's the phone. Liddy & I say it's the line. The phone company people have been up & down the street for weeks trying to fix a problem. Whatever it is this rude individual has not been able to reach us & as I don't deal with rude individuals I have made no attempt to contact her. If her insurance company contacts me, fine, but I'm betting she doesn't want to pay her excess, which will be a good bit higher than mine, & I see no reason for us to pay for her mistake ~ or rudeness. Steam still coming out my ears on this one.

Ditz spent several days playing electrician's apprentice. She was a good little goffer but there is a reason that child does music. Our electricity is old & a simple job became a major hassel that involved us finding & checking every power point in the house. On being checked half had dead ants clogging the wiring. Those had to be replaced. We're lucky we never had an electrical fire. Yikes!

And just to round my week off the costing came through for the Singapore tour. Aaaargh! A good bit more than anticipated. Dearest is adamant Ditz needs to go but we can't afford me as well. None of us real happy about that given Ditz's personality & that the child is barely 14 & that she has been relatively sheltered & rarely away from home. Even then it's been with family or friends who are like family.

I am feeling worn & frazzled & frankly, God, what do you think you are doing~ish?! I don't think we are improving my personality here. Should be, maybe, but somehow it doesn't feel like it. I have anger management issues. I have control issues. I want the script re~written, the one with the happily ever after ending. Oh, you've done that already? Oops. My mistake.


The HoJo's said...

Oh my.
Rather pleased you haven'thad an electrical fire too! Hmm to the car situation. If you haen't already, make sure you write down exactly what happened, where cars were, her attitude and aggression, all important for filling in insurance forms.
Perhaps it is time to build the key box for that trip to Singapore?
oh, and don't forget to eat :o)


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

OH BOY!!! What a week. Can you fake an injury and sue for just enough for a trip to Singapore??


I hope you are well, and the driver has calmed down by now. I am glad no one was hurt.

seekingmyLord said...

Ganeida, Ganeida. I don't know where to start. So glad there were no literal "home fires," so sad about the accident, and would if I could send you some funds, so you could go as well so that you would have no concerns.

Wouldn't some of the other parents have a need to raise some funds also by doing some things like bake sales, car washes, or just plain begging?

Anonymous said...

Hi Ganeida,
(((huggzzz))) - you sound as if you need more than one! I'm glad that nobody was hurt. ☺

Have you prayed for patience recently - certainly sounds like it. Never pray for patience, for God will send you all sorts of things to build up your patience. :P

Ganeida said...

Hojos: got any more fundraising ideas? The box idea was a great hit!!!☺

MrsC: What can I say? I regularly lose the plot on all sorts of things!

Seeking: Not to fash thyself. My blog is my *thinking out loud here* forum. Dearest is working on the money & we are waiting on what God has to say too. We seriously can't complain. He is very good to us.

Lol Jillian! No, but it feels like I should have!

MamaOlive said...

So sorry about the accident. I tend to stew over things, too. Blogging helps.
And don't you just hate it that you can't get as mad as you want to, because you know the end of the story?

Pen Wilcock said...


What a lot of things all at once. May the electrical things be all sorted out and fixed safely.

It sounds as though there are some blessings in disguise. It might be quite a good thing the phone is off when that crabby lady might be trying to contact you. If you hadn't had the problems you knew about you wouldn't have found the ant problem you didn't know about.

May peace reign in you and these difficulties resolve quickly.


Ganeida said...

MamaO: Yes, I'm a stewer ~ because I can't get as mad as I like because it's not Christlike. This time I was just ratty because she questioned my integrity & so what? Why should I even care? Then of course I'm mad 'cause I'm then in sin. *sigh* It took a few days but my sense of humour & equilibrium has re~established itself. ☺

Ember: You are quite right. ☺ And we are very grateful. I hate the phone anyway so I'm not weeping over that one but Dearest is chronically ill so we need the phone & something will have to be done about that shortly. Luckily Lid has a mobile for emergencies.

Unknown said...

My, my, my sounds like you have had an interesting week to say the least. I'm so glad there were no fires and that the problem is now fixed. As far as the crabby lady who backed into you, I would wait for her insurance company to contact you (and they will) and deal directly with them! Here generally they assign blame for an accident based on the location and severity of damage if there are not witnesses to state what happened and it sounds as if based on your description blame will be placed on here if they do things similarly over there. As for the cost of the trip don't worry...just pray I have always found that the Good Lord will provide all the finances that the feels I need and somehow it's always enough to do what must be done!

Hope this next week is better for you!

Sandra said...

I'm gone for a bit and look what happens. I'm glad you feel better.

Britwife said...

Your week was as bad as mine! :)
THis week HAS to be better, right?
Don't you hate it when people won't take responsibility for their own actions - and then she was nasty about it to boot! I'm glad that you are ignoring her....that is sure to be driving her crazy!
I understand what you are saying about Ditz and letting her go...I'm going to have to swallow that pill in the next two years with our marching band. There is no way that we can afford all of these trips, but it is such a wonderful experience.