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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Award Time.

To refuse awards is another way of accepting them with more noise than is normal. Peter Ustinov.
While I've been running round the real world like a headless chook bloggy awards have been accumulating; & the thing with awards is that they are meant to be shared so today I am sharing. Somewhat late I admit, having finally crashed & slept 14 hours straight. The girls cooked last night & my kitchen is a disaster. I'm sorry I missed dinner. The remains look interesting & exotic but staying awake any longer was beyond my powers.

Jillian over here is responsible. Go check out some of her links to other Aussie homeschoolers ~ where I wasted far too much time this morning. ☺This award is to be passed on to those who faithfully follow my blog, giving encouragement and forming friendships that help us to build one another up in the Lord.

Now I could just give a list ~ which would be very dull for all of us. However, although there are lots of people I could pass this award on to because I love every single one of you who reads here I've decided to restrict myself to just one fellow blogger. Yes, you read correctly: one. That one is Connie @ Slim Pickin's From My Brain. Connie doesn't always have it easy but when I began blogging, some years & several crashed blogs ago, Connie was the very first person to read & comment on my blog. That was sooo encouraging for me. Without her interest & input my blogging exploits would probably have died an early death & while that might have been a good thing I would have missed out on all the wonderful friendships I have since formed in the bloggy realm. Connie has stayed with me through all the crashed blogs & despite the fact I read & fail to comment over at her place. That is almost unforgivable, isn't it ladies?! None of us like feeling like we are talking to ourselves. So here's to you, Connie! Thank you!And then there is this award. I just glow all over thinking I'm any one's favourite anything & anyone who wants to know where I read regularly has only to check out the blog roll on the front page of this thing because I read blogs for all sorts of different reasons. I know some people don't do awards & I can understand that. It takes time & you don't want to hurt any one's feelings by leaving them out. That said the 3 blogs I've chosen I have chosen for writing style. I know, weird of me, but I find them extremely readable. Let's face it I can barely sew, hate to cook & never wear dresses so what on earth am I doing over at Tomato Soup Cake? Good question but Soupy has an easy & very readable writing style that I find irresistible. Then there is Sandra over here@ Worlds End Farm. Horses. The last time I was on a horse, which is more years ago now than I care to own to, it ran away with me & scared the living daylights out of me. I don't do food either but Sandra has a very readable writing style as well & a wickedly satirical way of viewing her world that tickles my funny bone. And last but not least, because she makes me laugh & we share some really weird coincidences Britwife at Losing my Sanity a Little Brit at a Time. I think it is hard to write in such a way that you can make people laugh out loud so I appreciate those who can manage it.

That's all folks! Bunny Ears.


Sandra said...

Thank you Ganeida! Lately my style has been empty, but I appreciate the award and hope to get my mojo back soon. : )

Britwife said...

Thanks Ganeida! :) I've been camping, so I missed this post until today! I do appreciate it. We really are two peas in a pod, you know?

Anonymous said...

Hi Ganeida,
Sorry that I haven't been commenting, but we very nearly went over on our internet plan, and at 12c MB (gulp!), we didn't want to do that.

Satellite internet is sooo expensive, but where we live, it's about the only internet that we can receive. We already have a 3GB plan. :(

I like your blog and your quirky style of writing. ☺