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Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Memories.

Let your daughter have first of all the book of Psalms for holiness of heart, and be instructed in the Proverbs of Solomon for her godly life. St. Jerome

Liddy was the sort of baby other mothers would kill for. We brought her home from the hospital & she promptly slept through the night; twelve hours straight; from 7pm to 7 am. I'd never had it so good with a new born.

Liddy never cried. When she was hungry she let out one whimper then waited patiently till I could get to her. She was happy to sleep in her own space, fed efficiently, disliked the sling but was happy to be lugged around on a hip. Every which way she was a very easy child.

We were expecting things to change somewhat round about the time she turned two. After all we'd done the *terrible twos* three times but Liddy turned two & continued to be her sweet, serene self. I was starting to worry that the child wasn't quite right.

I had three rough & tumble boys ~ & then I had Liddy. Naturally the boys adored her, spoilt her, treated her like the Queen Bee she so obviously thought she was. She used to march round the place laying down the law to everyone till her father was moved to suggest someone should swat her behind ~ only it wasn't going to be him!

Then one day it happened. Someone actually thwarted her. Liddy was flabbergasted. No was a word she rarely heard. She thought about it for a moment while we waited curiously then she got down on all fours & began feeling the floor. A little crowd of us gathered perplexed as to what Lid thought she was doing. Our floors are uncarpeted hardwood. After patting it tentatively Liddy very gently & carefully lay her head down, got comfortable & began to bellow. Having watched this performance in stunned silence it took us a moment to realise that this was Liddy's version of a tantrum. We began to snigger & within moments Dearest & I were gasping for breath while the tears streamed from our eyes! Oh my! Liddy glanced up from under perfectly dry lashes, saw us howling with laughter & marched off in disgust. As parents we were perfectly useless. There was obviously no point in wasting a perfectly good tantrum on us!

Now Lid doesn't give up easily & she learnt early the maxim you catch more flies with honey than vinegar so she stewed on her failure for some days but she finally found a solution & I caught her telling someone with perfect seriousness, "But I might cry!" Obviously there was no greater threat this child could offer the world. Exasperated I told her that in that case she would just have to cry!

Liddy found pre~school difficult. It was very competitive & she was bored . After all she'd been doing pre~school with her brothers for years. I pulled her out, a quieter, more anxious child whose confidence had been badly shaken by the whole school scene, & we continued as a twosome at home: coffee & cake with the girls, baking & gardening & lots of cuddling up together reading. I know we did all these things ~ a long string of days that have blurred together in memory ~but one day stands out from all the others.

All my life I have kept cats but since moving to the island we hadn't had one. Dearest just kept saying no. I hankered after a cat so when neighbours found a stray kitten on their waterfront that they didn't want my name got bandied around. I went to look but made no promises, Dearest had to agree, but I had Lid with me & that poor cat! Part Siamese, cream with ginger points & the bluest of blue eyes he was ragged, filthy & black with fleas. Liddy promptly fell in love. Liddy who never begged begged to keep him. At that point I was simply delighted to see the sparkle in her eyes, hear the assurance in her voice.

I let Liddy carry the poor thing home, cradling him oh so very carefully. She helped me bath him so he wasn't so flea ridden, & dry him with a soft towel & when her brothers came round the bend in the road she rushed to greet them with this most exciting of news. It was bedlam but that cat coped admirably. He always did. He was just forever grateful that he had found a home where he was loved.

Liddy loved that cat. As she had been with me the day we brought him home she was with me the day he died. We hadn't realised how sick he was. It was Liddy who wrapped him warmly & carried him to the vet but when we got the news of how sick he was she refused to come in with me. " I might cry..." Yes indeed. She wasn't the only one.


Diane Shiffer said...

oh. my.

sniff, sniffly,sniffle.....

One of your best posts ever, my dear.... ((hugs))

Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

How sweet. You deserved an easy kid after the rough and tumble boys! LOL

MamaOlive said...

Ella is a little bit that way - very happy and charming because she's convinced she owns the world. Whenever something happens to remind her otherwise she doesn't quite know what to do.
I loved the bit about testing the floor before she threw herself down on it!

Ganeida said...

Diane, you old softie, you! ♥(((Hugs))♥

MrsC: Yeah, it was to soften me up for Ditz! That child is such hard work!

Ganeida said...

MamaO: It was the funniest thing! I'll never forget it ~ or her outrage that it didn't work.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ganeida,
That was so sad - sniff, sniff. I don't cope well with animal deaths. (sigh) Praise God that he had a good life with you!

Liddy sounds like such a delightful child. My son only threw a tantrum once - in the middle of Woolworths carpark, and I threw a better one. I got down onto the ground, and threw my arms and legs around flailing. :P He never threw another one after that.

Unknown said...

How sad about the little cat, but how funny your Liddy was to check to be sure the floor wasn't too uncomfortable first. What a wonderful memory, thanks for sharing it with me.

Ganeida said...

lol Jillian. That is such a classic! I ran into a friend who's kid was chucking a wobbly in the shop so I eyeballed her & told her she could do better than that & showed her how it was done. lol Kid's jaw dropped; she's obviously never met such a loony adult before but the tantrum stopped.

Oh Birbitt I miss my kids as littlies. They are nice adults but they were very special little people too. *sigh*

Britwife said...

Ok, doggone it.

You had me laughing and laughing at the beginning and middle of your story.

Teary-eyed at the end.

You are a poop.

(I am going to have to use that on Mr. Britwife. "But I might cry!" :) )

Anonymous said...

You had me tearing up over the memories of Liddy - me; the most unmaternal of people!!

That I teared up over Guyver goes without saying.