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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Music & home ec.

“Some people think music education is a privilege, but I think it’s essential to being human.”- Jewel – singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist
We have settled into our new routine now & after several weeks I have a far better idea of how the Beautiful Feet curriculum works & I must say so far I am fairly impressed because there is a little bit of everything presented in a number of different ways.

We are looking at all the different instruments in the orchestra ~ & yes Ditz knows this stuff. She's played in band, plays 3 different instruments & tended to be a bit snooty about the whole thing. The snoot was in part because they started with violin, the backbone of any orchestra, & Ditz plays violin. From a purely practical standpoint she had reason to snoot. However we were also looking at Corelli & Vivaldi, the 2 musicians who changed violin music beyond recognition.The tapes give some history & snippets of well known pieces that even I recognize & Ditz certainly does but the history Ditz didn't know. I can't say she's all that interested but the lessons, after the first one, have been neither long nor onerous: a little bit of listening, a little bookwork, a little colouring & we're all done. Seriously. This is a very enjoyable curriculum & worth the expense. Having looked at the instrument & the composers we looked at the violin makers so a little research into Stradivaris. Now I could have made Ditz write it all out but have you seen the child's handwriting?! Instead I copied the wiki article & we just cut up the relevant bits to paste in her workbook while we chatted about the interesting bits because 400 years after Stradivaris no violin maker can yet duplicate the sound he got from his instruments though there is speculation it is due to either the volcanic earth he mixed with his resin or the way he soaked his wood in salt. Ok. I didn't know that!

So this is a very integrated curriculum! Instrument, composer, instrument maker, music. Yep. I'm impressed. I think we have a much better chance of Ditz remembering the bits she's not overly interested in as well as the bits she is with this method. I'd certainly recommend it to anyone interested in a music appreciation curric.

On a slightly different front the vegetarian thing is wobbling along with varying degrees of success. I must get Ditz a workbook & we'll do this as a research paper into the nutrition needs of vegetarians, recipes, etc & call it home ec. I love homeschooling!

The spring rolls were a success.


seekingmyLord said...

I am saving up for this curriculum too. I have also been impressed with the BF History of the Horse, but I have break up the reading a bit. I guess I should write about that some time myself.

For her birthday, the Princess received a set of 4 CDs from Classical Kids: A Symphony of Stories for all Ages from her grandparents.
I have only listened to a bit of one and so far I think they will work well for the Princess.

Molytail said...

Would it strike you odd if I mentioned that there's a MacGyver episode (season 5) called "The Lost Amadeus" that revolves around a Stradivarius violin? *grin*

Mmmm, spring rolls!

Molytail said...

eeek! watch!

from Britain's Got TalentThat was posted on a forum and I've never heard a guy sing like THAT! Then, on the forum, a lady made a comment about "counter-tenors" and I went "aaaaaah!" and remembered your other post. *grin*

Diane Shiffer said...

any understanding of things musical will ever elude me, i'm afraid. i stand in awe of the musical education you are giving your ditz. i think my kids would benefit, but i am completely lost... can't carry a tune in a bucket as the saying goes. thank the Lord for piano teachers, choir directors and older sisters who are interested in such things;)

Mrs. Darling said...

Keep us posted on Beautiful Feet. Ive always wanted to do that but it wont meet our states requirements.

Heidi said...

I'll have to check into the Beautiful Feet curriculum again. Is that the same place you got the Jewish Festivals book? Are you enjoying that?

Ganeida said...

Moly: That was brilliant!!! Thank you for linking me. Not, as he points out, countertenor but male soprano. lol I couldn't believe the notes he was hitting! Nor could the judges! Each time he went higher I was thinking surely he can't get higher than that & he did! Whoot!

And no, it doesn't surprise me that Macgyver chased a strad. He chased lots of unlikely things. I think I even saw that episode. My Jossie was a Macgyver fan.

Diane: I'm not musical either ~ as Ditz would definitely tell you;) but you don't need to be for this curriculum. I'm hoping it will fill in some gaps I know Ditz has musically & I think it woll.

Seeking: You will get more from it with a younger child I think because the Princess would not be too old for the colouring book & card games which would reinforce the learning but Ditz really is so I haven't bothered with them.

MrsD: I think you would appreciate this curriculum too. I was cautious. Anything that sounded so good & cost so much had to be a rort but I have been pleasantly surprised by how well it is working for us & how much material is actually covered.

Heidi: I didn't know Beautiful Feet before trying this either but I'd certainly consider them again. Different suppliers to the Festivals. That's Eagles Wings. We are in planning mode for trying one of these now. No doubt I'll blog all about it after the event. :D

Molytail said...

He was rather awesome, wasn't he! Though I laughed my arse off when Simon said it was a bit like a dog meowing LOL

Heh - way too often, I find comparisons in life to that show. :-P

(I'm much like Persuaded with the singing, bucket and all. I'm rather sure people have wanted to bean me with one before.)

Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Spring rolls look lovely, Ganeida!

Ganeida said...

MrsC: They tasted pretty yum too. :)

Moly, my girl: Some mothers do 'ave them!

Sandra said...

I think the spring rolls look really good too. I'm happy you like the curriculum, as I know it is expensive.