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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Overturning the neat & tidy dictum....

Creative minds are rarely tidy. ~ Anon

The garden grows without us.  Star's schedule came through today; the garden  will have to continue to grow without us.  The madness has begun & it will not end until the New Year.

Camelot opens Saturday.  Despite the storms & hail I got Star to rehearsal on time last night ~ even early ~ so she could glory in her monk's robe which is unbearably hot under lights & which I could have told her was going to be unbearably hot.  Concert Blacks for the pit. 

After a lifetime of absorbing the dictum on how important it is to present *neat & tidy*,  Star found herself in the unenviable position of not being able to get her hair mussy enough for her dishevelled monk's look.  All that conditioner has had a powerful calming effect on her hair!  All choristors in trouble for drowning out the orchestra.  Ummmm....I don't think that's suppossed to happen.

Dress rehearsal tonight.  Thumbs up to QPAC who have always been very good to us, accomodating the quirks of islanders with unusual needs for space to occupy & boats to run for.  As a performer Star is accounted for but it makes such a difference to me when I am able to park myself unobstrusively in the Green Room & read [or sleep, as the case may be ], especially when the weather is as inclement as it has been lately!

I'm no ballet critic but what I have seen of Camelot I have enjoyed very much so if you're a Brisbanite ~ well you know where QPAC is, go check it out!  I think I have got tickets for my birthday.  I'm going to take Dino.  Not sure what he will make of all the men in tights! Still, Star invited him & big brothers are such suckers for little sisters!

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Ruby said...

Break a leg Star!
One of my friends is very arty, creative and uses that as her excuse that she can not have a tidy house AND produce great things. Sigh....I have no such excuse.
You get all the sleep you can and I hope this next few months runs much more smoothly than past experiences.
Hey, have you ever thought of moving back to the mainland? Just asking :-)