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Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Birthday!

I always thank God for you because of his grace given you in Christ Jesus. ~1 Cor1:4

Having a largish family is like shuffling a deck of cards; how you play your hand depends on who you've been dealt at any given time.

For a great many years we had a very male dominated house.  Then the lads all packed their bags & departed for regions unknown & we were left with just girls.  Dearest was rather horrified.  Suddenly he was very out of his depth.  The girls were on the whole gentler, sweeter ~ & much easier to get along with ~ except for those rare occasions when they weren't.

The whole dynamics of the house changed because the girls were likely to have cooking frenzies.  Romantic comedies were far more likely to be viewed than action thrillers.  PMS reared its ugly head & the cats were treated more like recalcitrant children than wayward animals.

Now I have just one of each but the missing ones leave gaps that can't be filled.  Tomorrow my Liddy turns 22.  Apart from the fact that it is absolutely impossible that a whole 22 years have passed since I looked into Liddy's serence & unconcerned face for the first time while trying to wrap my head around the fact that I had indeed been right all along & this time we had got our baby girl, what is she doing so far from home on her birthday!

Technically she wasn't actually here for her birthday last year either but she was round & at some point we did see her & managed to celebrate.  This year she is in Chile.  Her birthday present is still sitting on my desk.  Sorrow, Lid.  Perhaps sub~conciously I expect to wake tomorrow morning & find Liddy is up early demanding her goodies.  I have threatened cheesecake without her.  Bad mummy!

I have been in trouble with both my mother & my daughter for not blogging enough.  My visitor tally tells me Liddy is stalking my blog so here's to you, Lid!  Your present will arrive in due course.  Many Happy returns for the morrow!  May Christ's love fill your days & His Holy Spirit sustain you ~ & I will speak to you in the morning.


LobStar_89 said...

Am I supposed to be talking to you in the morning? I thought I told you evenings my time??? Please clarify... I will probs miss morning my time. Very rarely up in time for breakfast before morning devotions... lol you should know what I am like :) Yes, I do stalk on here... I like reading comments also. Kinda silly knowing that you ummm can't track what I am and am not reading more these days... :p Oh and you should change the picture, I really don't like that one. Wednesday evening I think I may try and go out to dinner with people from here... Maybe just K and A . . . Shrugs. Shall see how it all goes. It's a little hard to be so far away now. They all don't give me enough QT (qaulity time) and I have come to conclude that it's something that I ended up getting quite a lot of from back home. Sooo before I sit here and totally spam here and continue to write a mass load of stuff I will go... Sorry. lol but at least you are hearing from me!!! Love to you Mum... Maybe I'll fly home tonight and you will get your wish...

Ganeida said...

You dork! lol Yes, you did get a lot of quality time. Ask the Star ~ who is out fishing. I thought it was morning my time, your afternoon/evening. You told me 8am ~ my time. You should remember these things. Nice to be missed & loved? Um ~ you should know there is a way to track what you are reading... just so you know.

And no, I am not changing the picture. It is a classic Star/Liddy moment & it gives me a giggle every time I look at it. It should make you laugh too. Star is not anything if not expectant ~ even of changing a cabbage into a rosebud!!!!

joyfulmum said...

Happy birthday to your amazing Liddy!