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Monday, October 24, 2011

Animal Antics.

Purring is an automatic safety valve device for dealing with happiness overflow. ~ Anonymous

 We have had a kookaburra hanging round.  He shows so little fear of us ~ or the cats for that matter ~ that it is obvious he has been hand fed by one of the neighbours.  He is so brazen we had an incident last week that has left us gob smacked.

I have been away a lot at night with Star & Dearest has been cooking even on the nights I am here because I have been granny napping in the afternoons, catching up on the erratic sleep I get when Star is in performance mode.  What Dearest likes to cook is one pan roasts, finishing of the spuds in hot oil just before he serves up. 

Our weather has been a little warmer than usual so the other night Dearest opened the kitchen window that doesn't have a screen as well as the ones that are screened.  To his astonishment the kookaburra flew in the window, nicked a broiling hot spud straight out of the oil & took off out the window again! Ouch!  I bet he had a burnt mouth!
Then there are the cats.  Marlow is a prize idiot but Kirby is really, really smart ~ smart & neurotic.  Ever since he arrived he has loved being outside.  Indeed, although he was really spooked, he couldn't wait to get outside & explore.  He spends a lot of time outside & the joy of his life is when his people join him outside.

Unfortunately this is tick country & every day I go over both cats really carefully.  I, however, have been getting home after midnight & the other night when Kirby came in he decided he couldn't wait till I arrived home & made a fuss of Dearest until Dearest noticed the tick crawling up his fur.  He then perched at Dearest's eye level & turned his head to show Dearest the tick that had attached itself above his eyebrow & waited  without moving for Dearest to remove it.  Then he watched with fascinated interest as Dearest set the ticks alight.  They make a satisfying *pop* as they explode & I swear that cat takes great satisfaction in knowing they have come to a nasty end!

When I finally arrived home Kirby crawled into my lap & snuggled in with a huge sigh.  No, my boys don't appreciate me being gone from home so much but they are much better than they used to be & know I will eventually arrive back & there will be a special treat in their food bowl.  It sweetens the absence just a little!


Bonnie said...

That silly bird! I bet he won't try that again. :-) I love to hear about your boys. We are so in love with our new cat and I can't imagine life without a cat again. No ticks for us--just fleas. So, I'm off to get flea stuff. Screens on windows? For real? I thought that was only a Northern hemisphere thing. We have yet to have a house in NZ with screens. I miss them!

Ganeida said...

Bonnie, life ismiserable here in summer without screens. We get loads of mosquitoes, sandflies & gnats. ICK!

MamaOlive said...

Great stories on the animals!

Joluise said...

We have a kookaburra family living in our street for the first time, it's quite nice waking up to their chatter. What a clever bird, or should I say naughty.

When we lived in Darwin we had ticks, big fat ones that we were always pulling of the dogs. It wasn't a job I enjoyed, pulling them off, yuck!!