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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"It takes an athlete to dance, but it takes an artist to be a dancer." -Shanna LaFleur

Vocal Manoeuvres is a company.  My Star is at the bottom of the heap as part of AVAE [the Australian Vocal Arts Ensemble].  Exaudi Australis is the top of the pile, so to speak.  It is a performance based company & that has always been part of its appeal for Star.  Yes, she learns vocal technique, music theory, et al but she also gets plenty of performance experience, as you all know because I flap about it here.

This is my flappable term.  This is always where the tire hits the road & we head into crunch time.  Just the same October is generally pretty angst free & so I OK'd Star's drama.  Performance due in a couple of weeks, in time, I oh so blithly thought, to be over & done before all the other stuff I just know is going to happen & for which I do not have a schedule yet!

How wrong could I be!!!!

We spent last weekend in rehearsal for the Bach with Exaudi who have been invited to perform with the Queensland ballet & apparently our chicks have done so well Alison has extended the invite to AVAE.  We haven't been back schooling a week & already my well laid plans are out the window & in total dissaray.  Ten rehearsals, 10 performances ~ most of which clash with the drama I ok'd 10 months ago. *sigh*

You'd think I'd learn.  I did, thank goodness, inform the lovely, lovely Mia that if there was a clash the music comes first ~ as it must, being a professional company & all.  Star is less happy because she, naturally, wants to do it all.  By dint of sitting down with a distraught Star & both schedules & being unavailable for all rehearsals & performances because Star is only 16, still in school & suppossedly studying for year 11, she can do both.  She will have to work extremely hard & I have laid down the law about getting her school stuff done without drama, hassels & hoo~ha because if Star does all this then I do all this too & I am going to be one tired, grumpy bunny! Um, yeah.

So tonight we are back on the mainland to rehearse with Exaudi ~ & we are on the mainland Friday to rehearse with the ballet company ....& Saturday....

This is the relevant ballet.  I blanched at the ticket price but it's still nearly a month away & I have a birthday the last performance so perhaps I could indulge...? I love the ballet.  I love watching my Star do her Starry thing.  I hate that the Arts are exclusive because they are so darn expensive!  On the other hand, when they sound like this, it's worth it don't you think?


Ruby said...

Plenty of sleep and soothing teas for you over the next couple of months, my dear ♥
I love that Star keeps you occupied!

Joluise said...

I don't know how you manage it all sometimes. I like Ruby's advice!

MamaOlive said...

Camelot??? Of course you should go!
Oh, wait, I saw the ticket prices too... Well, if you *can* it would sure be fun.

Ganeida said...

Hah! Ruby. Thank you sooo much! ;P

Jo: me neither. It's better when I can sit in on rehearsals because that is quite fun. Otherwise it is exhausting just finding somewhere to while away the hours.

MamaO: I know!. The ticket prices did my head in.