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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ô la mortelle injure! La cadence est moins lente!

Et la chute plus sûre! Nous rabattrons bien leur caquets!

Nous serons bientôt leurs laquais!

Qu'ils sont laids! Chers minois! ~ from Pavane

From this:

    To This:

Saturday we are doing the Sinfonia ~ which has the advantage of being local!  Bonus, Star is singing with her cousin, Rosemarie Arthars, & Dimitri Kopanikis, one of Star's singing teachers, so it will be quite a family affair!  Marie, a mezzo~soprano,  is soloing.  Sooo looking forward to that!  Mum is coming down.  Gran is coming.  Dearest is coming.  Dino hopes to come & island friends are also going to make the effort.  Star gets well supported when it is cheap & local!

It should be a great concert!  V.M is doing Faure's requiem & the Pavane from the ballet as well as Madame Butterfly's Humming Chorus, Massenet's Meditation from Thais & Sibileus' Findlandia. *sigh*  So much great music!  My cup overfloweth!

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