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Saturday, October 1, 2011

One Bach coming up.

Men profess to be lovers of music, but for the most part they give no evidence in their opinions and lives that they have heard it. ~Henry David Thoreau

 Seven o'clock yesterday morning it was threatening rain;  the wind had ice in its fingertips & Star & I were standing on our jetty waiting for an early boat ~ far earlier than Star ever likes to get out of bed.  Bach workshop.  I was loaded down with reading material.  I know women who'd just hit the shops for 8 straight hours but I can't imagine doing that from choice.
 As it turned out I didn't get a chance to read.  I helped with the catering.  By afternoon tea time we had reached the silly stage!
 My friends, being the good sports they are, left me with the camera & posed beautifully.
 Star is not a good sport.  She took some shockers while we waited & waited on the jetty for a boat home!  We were exhausted.  We were cold.  Star had been confined in the auditorium for 8 hours.  Eight hours!!!
She'd passed beyond the silly stage to the bouncing off the walls stage! 

We got home & Kirby was missing.  An hour I spent calling my cat.  My neighbours must really love me.  I have one very subdued pussy with a bunged up eye & a dented ego. *sigh* It was a very big day.


Persuaded said...

Oh my goodness... it sounds like a very eventful day. I'm always glad when days like that are over. I freely admit that I am most certainly not the adventurous type. How is the kitty doing now? And what kind of mischief did he get himself into?

I haven't posted about this on the blog as yet, but our dear Puff has met with a rather untimely end. He got out and day after day went by without him coming back. As you can imagine we were beside ourselves with worry. This was back in the summer in the middle of a horrible heat wave. I was convinced that he had gotten trapped in a garage or something and died of thirst. The kids were certain that someone nice had taken him in because he is so obviously such an amazing cat. Weeks went by and we never knew, the not knowing was terribly hard. Finally a neighbor mentioned in an offhand conversation that one of the village police men had run over a very large black "puffball" cat right in front of our house right about the time our Puff first went missing. Apparently he just tossed the body into the trunk of his car and drove off, without inquiring as to whose cat it might be or anything. It was all very sad, but at least we know what happened and that has made it a little bit easier. Poor Tilty still seems to miss his brother dreadfully♥
Ahhh.. these felines, they take a hold of your heart and you are never quite the same, eh?

Ganeida said...

Oh Persuaded. I am so sorry about Puff!!! Too hard & the callousness of some people! At least you know though. That is better than never knowing.

I think Kirby was on the losing end of a bandicoot but he is ok, if very sooky! ☺

seekingmyLord said...

Persuaded: I am sorry for the family losing cat like that. I worry about my two new outside mittened kittens. Sharii, the male, takes on dogs (does that sound familiar Ganeida?) and chases everything, including cars at times, which has set my daughter to terrified screaming a time or two. I am hoping he has figured out that going toward the road is a bad idea.

Ganeida: The two outside are having some territorial challenges now and then, but so far no injuries. Most of the cats in the neighborhood were avoiding our place due to Hanah, our cat-chasing German Shepherd. She plays clumsy and rough, but our kittens tolerate her...mostly. Midnight hides after a minute or two. Sharii "lies" on his ground for several minutes, being pawed and stepped on until he takes a few pokes at her.