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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Eating sushi has become the new Russian roulette. ~ Eli Saddler.
Doing nothing is soooo exhausting.  I have done nothing for 2 days straight & I am over the Green Room.  In all honesty I had planned to wander round Southbank yesterday.  Not that I have any money to spend but the markets are always fun to look through & there is people watching.  My people watching embarrasses my children but people are just too fascinating for words. 

As it turned out it was cold & windy & threatening rain so I decided discretion was the better part of valour & holed up in the Green Room where I was subjected to other people's viewing choices on the monitors.  Not that I'm whinging.  Either version of the King & I is good; I got the Jodie Foster version. Later it was Doc Martin so, you know, good taste.  But last night was noisy.  I think there must have been productions in full swing in every theatre because the starting times & intervals are staggered & there just seemed to be more very noisy people in the G.R than usual & I am plain tired; tired enough at any rate to sleep through a good part of the noise.  And Star seemed more in evidence than usual too but she is bored witless unless she's actually singing ~ & once again the only 1st alto, which is hard work.  Threw one of the sopranos off enough to become an alto temporarily!  Oh.  My. Besides the games in the dressing room are getting hairier by the minute because the adults waiting to be cued are also very bored & finding ways to alieviate that boredom. Hmmm.

Anyway the kids had a 3 hour break between the matinee & the evening performance which was enough time to take a walk & go out to eat.  They opted for the sushi bar down near the cinema.  Oh. Dear.  I'm not a big fan of Japanese food ~ not as it arrives in Japanese restraunts round here.  I have a friend who cooks ordinary Japanese food when she is in Australia & that is fine & perfectly edible but seafood, particularly raw seafood is just disgusting.  I don't care if you happen to like it, I find it gaggy.  Consequentially Star & I have never done a sushi bar ~ & if I have my way we will never do another one!

I have food issues anyway & the sight of a constant stream of food, much of which I just find gross, going round & round puts me off.  Then even with the menu to hand deciding what is actually safe to eat is a bit of a Russian Roulette gamble.  It could be anything! As Star found out.  Ah, well.  Live & Learn.  Several of the kids had ordered peach tea with pearls.  My eyebrows went up at that but one of the girls was insistant that the pearls were just ground up horses hooves jellified.  Why would you eat that?  Why would you call it pearls?  But then why whould you eat shark fins & squid?

Neither Star nor I particularly enjoyed our meal but it was an interesting experience. Plain fact is we are not sophisticates.  We enjoyed our icream in a waffle cone much, much more.


seekingmyLord said...

I never thought I would like sushi when I was first introduced to it in my late twenties, but I do love it and...while it makes me giggle that you do not like seafood living on an island with fishermen sons, I am a bit surprised that you do not, at least, appreciate the artistry of sushi. Ah, well. We all have our quirks.

Ruby said...

I quite like sushi but I doubt the ones we get here are anything like the real thing!
I too always get a giggle that you don't like seafood :-)

Ganeida said...

Ah, the irony! ☺

Seeking, I just get very suspicious as the *artistry* hides all sorts of nasties!

Sylvia said...

The 'pearls' are made from tapioca flour. Trust me, I asked and verified through Senor Google :). No horse hooves jellied for me. As for the sushi, yum...;)

Ganeida said...

Thank you, Sylvia! I will pass that along!

joyfulmum said...

Ganeida, you really crack me up sometimes, I'm sorry! :)
I actually think you'd like the sushi that has no raw fish in it (not all of them do). Did you see my recipe of sushi I posted recently? Avocado and cucumber sushi is yum! I know you love your veggies:)