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Monday, March 7, 2011

Update & Prayer Request..

We are guilty of many errors & many faults but our worst crime  is abandoning the children...Gabriela Mistra.

Many of you know my daughter, Liddy.  You know she has a heart for children & a heart for missions & the calling on her life is to minister to the street children of South America.

She applied to the mission field last year & was accepted ~ with some reservations.  Her age was against her ~ & the fact she looks about 12 instead of 21.  The fact she had never lived away from home counted against her & the fact that for most of her life her church home had been a little island church of barely 20 people.  She was asked to wait ~ & I can assure you that stung because not only was Liddy really sure of the call on her life  many of the mature Christians in her life were also very sure of that call ~ & told her so.  Still, wait she was asked to do & wait she did.

This week OM sent through confirmation of her acceptance.  This is a double whammy for me.  On one hand I am pleased & relieved because I am absolutely sure of the calling on Liddy's life.  I know without a doubt this is God's will for her life.  On the other hand I know that our time together grows short & that what is left will be filled to the brim with necessary things & little room to devote to her mother & family.  After all, she knows she can count absolutely on our love & support.

So there are some things I would ask the prayer sort amongst you to pray for:

1.  That her church missions would come on board with their support.
2. That all her financial support arrives smoothly.
3. That anything she needs to sort out with her church is sorted quickly & easily
4.  That her path will be made straight
5. That all the doors that need to open will open.
6. That despite the busyness her walk with God continues to grow deeper & stronger day by day.
7.  The last one is an odd one, but we wish to contribute to Liddy's cause as well [& also for Star's music career lol] despite my husband's disability & our financial situation so to this end Dearest has been busily putting together a home business out of his life~long hobby & could you pray for it's success so that we can meet the needs of both our girls.

Whew!  Exciting times.  Sad times.  Happy times.  I am planning international holidays. Waddya think, girls? Shall I buy a sombrero in preparation?


Jane said...

Geneida, I will pray for your daughter,I know you are so proud of her. I will also pray for your husband's business. Wishing you the best. Blessings jane

Anonymous said...

Woohoo - go, Liddy! I never had any doubt that acceptance would come through; it was simply a matter of when, and I think the waiting time has provided the opportunities for Liddy to grow in a lot of the areas about which OM had reservations.


Ganeida said...

Thank you, Jane. I know you won't have a lot of the back story older readers have been following along with [drama, drama, drama ☺] but it looks like everyone necessary is finally on the same page.

Siano: August is the month. I'm hoping she will still be here for Star's birthday if not her own. I will miss her so much but we gave her wings so she could fly. May she fly high & wide!

Jan Lyn said...

Ah, a momma's heart you have. This is huge, though and exciting. I hear you, and will pray for Liddy and all of you, my friend. :)

Can't seem to keep up with you, but this title caught my eye right away while on my blog tonight, due to asking for prayer.

God bless you and yours.

Joyfulmum said...

woo hoo, how exciting! I can understand your mixed feelings though. Will be praying for you, Liddy, and those things you asked prayer for!

Bonnie said...

We will pray and would love to help contribute. Does she have Paypal?

Ganeida said...

Jan Lyn: I can't keep up with me lol, so I can hardly blame you. ☺ Thank you so much for your prayers.

joyfulmum: Thank you. I wish my girl was still Rebecca's age & we had years still to go ~ who was the man that sat on the beach & tried to hold back the tide?! ☺

Bonnie: Thank you yet again. OM sets up the financial details. When I have them I will e~mail you. They are careful about funds not being misused. I really appreciate the offer & I know Lid will too but I also know you're doing it tough over there; you have those babies to consider & winter is arriving all too fast. ♥

seekingmyLord said...

I have asked members of my church to remember Liddy in their prayers throughout the past year also. I pray that her financial needs are met in abundance.

I do not envy you this, Ganeida.

Ganeida said...

Seeking: I am grateful for any & all prayer [paranoid mummy lol] but especially that so many people in different time zones are praying for my girl. I'm hoping for 24/7 coverage! lol

I've known since before Liddy was born that this was coming. Who amongst us ever really gets to choose? My mother did not expect to outlive her youngest son, but she has, & that is a far harder road to walk.

Lovely to chat briefly this morning my time. ♥

Diane Shiffer said...

As my Millen would say... I have tears. Happy grateful tears that Liddy is finally able to fulfill her calling, but a few sad tears for your mama's heart and a few for Star who I'm sure will dearly miss her big sis.

I'll be praying for your hub's business, and I'd actually like to contribute a bit to the cause myself (of course it would be a very little bit, but every little bit helps, right?)
love you guys... no word on the Skype stuff as yet. Dearly love my Amelia, but that kid can drag her feet like no one's business. sigh.
Soon though, I have been assured it will be set up soon.

Ganeida said...

Love you to bits, Diane...♥♥♥
Any little bits; it all adds up, right? But you too have little & lots of mouths to feed. When I have info I will let the interested people know. Skype ~ whenever. ☺

Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Here we have been praying... and it's just stunning that the time has finally come. I know it has been a long time but it still seems so FAST. Congrats are in order - hug that girl tight while you can! :)

Ganeida said...

HEM: my kids aren't the hugging sorts :( You are right. It has arrived all too fast & the time left will go even faster. Thank you for your prayers. It overwhelms me how faithful God's people can be! ♥

Finding Joy said...

I can imagine you are both excited and down right scared (I would be anyway). What a huge step for her and you. I will certainly prayer for all to go smoothly, for both of you. What a big step for such a young girl, and top marks for her having such convinction.

God bless

Libby said...

So Lobster is Liddy by a different name. I wanted to briefly thank you all for the support you have provieded and continue to proived. It's completely amazing and humbling to know so many care to uplift not only me but my family in prayer.

God hears and God listens.

Bonnie and Persuaded, wow is all I can say. A testimony in itself. Everything is still a little scattered, I've not know for more than a few days but hopefully very shortly I'll be able to give better details concerning finances.

By the way if I didn't already mention it . . .