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Monday, March 7, 2011

A day without radiation is a day without sunshine.

- A lot of people on my friends list never go outside, so this won’t apply to them.
I have a Facebook page.  Lots of you already know this because you're on my friends list.  I have Facebook because I have kids.  Liddy thinks it's easier to Facebook me than ring home ~ that aside it's the easy way to keep track of what my under age child is doing.  She's pretty good because basically she's a pretty good kid & I spend most of my Facebook time playing games.  I wanna talk, I come blog.
After 5 years or so I have a pretty random list of *friends*. Some actually are, some are on~line friends & some are...well, completely random.  And some are friends & family.  I'm not a huge fan of Facebook as a social network thing but as a social phenomenon it's weird.  How weird is weird?  Well, I have a *friend* I only know on Facebook.  She seems nice enough & she's a Christian & her posts are mostly kind & often interesting.  I don't often comment because she gets lots of males whose comments are downright harsh so I was shocked but hardly surprised when one gentleman derided another for the content of his Facebook page.
Now I have no idea what the content in question was ~ & I do not care ~ but it has raised a very interesting question for me.  I have noticed many Christians use Facebook to propagate their brand of Christianity &  they spend a lot of time arguing theology ~ which screws with my head.  I honestly don't see the point.  They hob~nob together in their own little enclave ~ & again, that is fine.  I do not care.  Why would I? But, huge but,  if the Holy Spirit has not convicted a person about something then condemning that person is a pretty useless act.  Thing number one.  Thing number two: I've logged onto my Facebook page some days & the comments that come up make my hair stand on end.  True.  Because not everyone on my friend's list is a Christian.
If you've read here long enough you know I'm not a big evangelizer.  I have a different sort of calling on my life & the Spirit rarely gives me opportunities to spread the word as such ~ not the way Liddy is always getting opportunities.  However here is the thing; I do get opportunities on Facebook to contribute a stray, gentle comment testifying to the Truth that resides within me ~ opportunities I would never get if I eradicated certain people off my friend's list. 
And so dear blogging buddies, if you are unfortunate enough to come across some highly dubious content on Facebook do not for a moment think I endorse this way of life but in charity & for Christ's sake remember that these may provide opportunities for outreach & the spreading of the kingdom of Grace.  Ditto for others you may know.  That is all.


seekingmyLord said...

I have stayed away from Facebook for the same reason I gave up on message boards: too many people use it to cause trouble and I like to debate too, too, actually it was more than that. I was called away from it to focus on another purpose the Lord has for me at this time.

I don't mind skeptics and harshness, because I know that once those people have a heart for the Lord, all that energy and determination is so useful for His purpose. On the other hand, I have heard too many, way too many, fights publicized on FaceBook that have broken hearts; it seems far more personal than the typical message board is.

Ganeida, if there is a purpose for it at this time for you, then I pray that purpose is served according to the Lord's plan and that all that does not come from Him will fall away.

Ganeida said...

Seeking: I waste a lot of time on FB because there is little that appeals to me but this is the only way I interact with certain family members, a number of whom I doubt have ever heard the gospel message at all. I have learnt how to hide the more outrageous posts but sometimes they are there for a while before I know anything about it. While I have children on FB it will be a part of my life so we do what we can with what we have. ☺

Finding Joy said...

My friends on FB are almost all relates to me or people I have known of years. I find it a great way to keep in touch with cousins (that are all over the world) +their adult children and my brothers and their adult children. We share photos, stories and things of interest eg current affairs-it has been a great way to stay in touch due to distances. For us it works really well as we use it as a family network -so no strangers are involved so we can ramble about anything.