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Monday, July 26, 2010

A true friend is someone who thinks you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked. ~ Bernard Meltzer.

Time always slips away faster than we like & despite only seeing our friends briefly every 2 years the rest of life does not go on hold while they are here ~ not that Ditz isn't trying! She is having a more social time than usual. Boys her friends may be, & as they grow up Ditz has been dismayed to find they do not see eye to eye with her on fundamental things, but they are still good friends & manage to get along without squabbles & slights.

Yesterday my friend & I sent both lots of kids across the sea to the movies in Ditz's more than capable hands. They were going to bus in but at the last minute Liddy went too & drove everyone, which I'm sure was less fun but much nicer given the weather was deteriorating fast & becoming totally misery making. They saw the Karate Kid, which Ditz seems to think wasn't worth her hard earned cash, but her choice.

As for Liddy, I am joking that she is sleeping here but we haven't seen too much of her. She is rushing round catching up with church activities & all her various friends. She will return to work at the end of the week for a rest! There is so much coming & going the cats are in a state of constant anxiety & I am overwhelmed with furry love after doing something as ordinary & harmless as dropping someone down to the boat.

Today, however, is a school day & Ditz will not be happy. Her maths has arrived. Worse, having assured the child this is the last year we have to do math I have now been informed it is compulsory for years 11 & 12 as well. When did this change? There must be some way round this. Ditz & I will never manage another 2 years! And as I never tire of pointing out her everyday math skills are excellent. She is the one who works out the cost on sale items & which way to buy offers better value for money. It is the abstract stuff we come apart so spectacularly on & I have ditched plans to do a course in logic given both Ditz & I have no use for algebra. We will try negotiation first, then if that fails we'll see what stubbornness will achieve. I will be so happy when we are done with Ditz's formal education & she can get on with what she does so well: Living Life.


seekingmyLord said...

The ONLY thing you can be sure of in this life is that things change. I am sorry for you and Ditz that this change was in the math requirements.

I am glad you had a good visit with your friends and I hope things are returning to some measure of normalcy for the cats' sake...and you, of course. ;)

Ganeida said...

Seeking: *Everything* else we manage fine but pure maths is not for us & I'm smart enough to know that. Pity the governmental departments are not! *sigh* And the Lord is no help at all. When I whinge to him he just tells me he's got it all in hand & he is teaching Ditz those things she needs to know! That is as may be but explaining that to her supervisor, even a Christian supervisor, is hardly likely to go down well. I hate having to fight to get the sensible thing done!

loving, laughing and learning said...

lol oh i can so relate, we prayed and prayed about science (onto grade 1 already) and were lead to apologia but christain or not this was not good enough for the supervisor.

Amanda said...

Maths was never my strong point either... I'm fine with arithmatic, basics, money etc, and even early bits of algebra, but after that, forget it! I actually thought maths was always one of those compulsory subjects right through to Yr 12??! So, I am surprised with what you have told us in your post.

I love the photo in the top left hand corner... one of your daughters. Cute expression!!

Bonnie said...

I only completed two years of real math in high school with my last year being "home economics" (how to balance a check book, budget, etc.). In college I must have changed majors and schools 5 times trying to find a degree that didn't require College Algebra. Allegebra and I just don't mix--especially because I could always see the right answer, but could never tell you how I got there. And you know what--I have never needed to use it in my daily life!

Persuaded said...

Sigh.... math....

I still am not certain what I am going to do for Noah's math this next year. I heard Teaching Texbooks was excellent, but sadly it is also expensive! I was thinking about Math-U-See, but he'd have to go back a year in that since they do everything differently. But maybe it would be worth it for him to have a really solid foundation. I despise math and so I have been procrastinating terribly on this decision. Bad mama me.