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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

There & Back Again.

Grown don't mean nothin' to a mother. A child is a child. They get bigger, older, but grown? What's that supposed to mean? In my heart it don't mean a thing. ~ Toni Morrison.
So what did we do while we were away? Well, we wandered up to the Leisure Centre to look at the most recent artwork: some rather good, some simply awful & the occasional stroke of pure genius.
We ambled out to the ginger factory, which is always rather nice. There's nothing quite like the smell of ginger growing abundantly in a garden. There are nifty craft shops too. And ginger. Do you like ginger? We do.
And the nut factory. Macadamias. Or Queensland Nuts. Candied; Wasabied; sweet chillied; limed with black peppered; honeyed; plain & roasted. Mmmm. I don't care; any way they come.
We read while the rain dripped down, drank proper coffee or hot chocolate, ate chocolate biscuits & smooched with the cat who bites everyone the day they go to go home. She doesn't like partings either. Admired the wildlife in mum's bedrooms. The little geckos are so cute but not safe with a cat around so out they have to go. Ditz wanted to bring him home but we have two cats.


Mrs. C said...

I want about 10 of those tiny geckos, but not running through the house! Hope your visit continues well. Your review of the artwork is very funny! :)

Persuaded said...

Oh girl.. when I saw that pic of you with the cat, I was just seized with such a longing to meet you... sit down with you and have a nice long chat♥

Ganeida said...

Mrs C: the geckos are just *it*! They have the *wow* factor. ☺

Oh, Diane! Now wouldn't that just be too wonderful for words! One day, m' either this world or the next! ☺

Bonnie said...

Oh, I am so allergic to ginger I got a headache just reading this post. That is the biggest, cuddliest looking cat I have ever seen. Love it! And I love the gecko! Trips with girls are just so nice.

Ganeida said...

Oh Bonnie! You poor thing being allergic to one of the best things God ever invented! And my mother's cat is the size of both my boys together, hair & all, & weighs more! Not that she's fat but she is a very big puss.

kimba said...

Is her cat bigger than His Lordship then? lol.

Ganeida said...

Kimba: Yes, m'dear, Pixie is considerably larger than his Lordship. ☺

Amanda said...

Ginger, no. Macadamias, YES! LOL! I do like ginger in cooking, though ;)

I love that cat!! She looks extremely cuddly.