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Saturday, July 24, 2010

To refuse awards is another way of accepting them with more noise than is normal. ~ Peter Ustinov.The rules state that a recipient of the Beautiful blogger award must
*add a link & a note of thanks to the person giving the award
* Pass the award on to the most beautiful blogs you love
*Share 7 things about yourself

While I was off~line alecat @ Serenades & Solace gave me an award. Being the egocentric person I am I get a kick out of getting awards. Needy, that's what I am. Stroke me the right way & I'll purr all day for you! If you haven't yet met alecat do pop over & have a read. Not only is there always something fascinating & unusual to read at alecat's but she is one of the more creative & artistic homeschoolers I've been fortunate enough to meet! And she's musical. When Ditz is driving me nuts I go over there & read & console myself that one day Ditz too may be serene & mature so that her music blesses all who know her. A girl can dream, can't she?

I've done a few of these now so it is challenging to come up with 7 less obvious things people don't know about me. So here goes!

1. I've abseiled over a waterfall. My mother always taught me to be polite & thoughtful so I politely & thoughtfully waited while all these big lumps of boys shot over the waterfall & plummeted the last few feet into the pool at the bottom of the rock face. This might have been polite & thoughtful but it wasn't smart. Wet rope swells. By the time my 7 stone nothing began the descent the rope was waterlogged & clogged the crabs [what the rope goes through when you abseil.] When I hit the overhang & no longer had anything to bounce off I stuck ~ 80 feet in the air jiggling about like a spider on the end of its silken thread. Obviously, since I am writing this, I didn't stay stuck, but it was a hairy 20 minutes.

2. I have only ever once been a bridesmaid. The cousin who shares my birthday & I were bridesmaids together at our favourite cousin's wedding ~ as she had always promised. I lived in N.S.W at the time & had to fly up to QLD alone because my dad couldn't get holidays. It always reminds me how important it is adults keep promises to children. For reasons I have forgotten I desperately wanted to be bridesmaid for this particular cousin. I cherished my *bridesmaid gift* for years, until it literally fell apart.

3. I talk odd. As a child I was always being asked what part of England I came from & I got tired of explaining I really truly was a born & bred Aussie. Now my girls get asked where their accent is from. Liddy finds it funny; Ditz less so.

4. I can't do accents. Or rather I do them rather too well. I automatically mimic any accent I hear. Can't help it. Hysterical when I was doing drama at college, not so good day to day. People think I am taking the micky when actually I'm not.

5. I grew up in a house named Bungawitta ~ Aboriginal for home of the possum ~ & yes, we had plenty of possums. They would race along the rooftop at night & every so often there would be the most unearthly screech when one overshot the mark & hurtled into the dark! Mum used to feed them & tells the most charming story about mama possum. One evening mum opened the back door to a soft knock, most irate to find no~one there. The knock came again. Thinking it was one of my brothers playing tricks she wrenched the door open prepared to give them a blast to find mama possum proudly sitting in the light to show of her brand new baby! Even wild animals know who their friends are.

6. I was never going to have children. No need to count. I have 5.

7. I was an athletic child ~ but why run when you can read? Now if you could run & read at the same time I might be more interested in exercise!

And for the beautiful bloggers...:

A Peaceful Day. Interesting lady & she writes wonderfully!

Keep Calm & Carry on. A variety of interesting & witty posts ~ & she does some glorious photographs too!

Jo @ Stop..have a chat; Art posts Wednesdays, introducing lovely & little known artists. Cat fancier; there's no higher praise! ☺

Amanda @My Secret Garden:some treasures buried in here.

& last but not least, Blessed to be my kids mum. yankee~doodle dandy in New Zealand. Have to feel for her. For all the similarities *Down Under* is a whole different world!

Enjoy, people.


joyfulmum said...

I enjoyed reading the 7 things about you!
I do also follow alecat, she is one creative home schooling mama:)

Bonnie said...

Aww...thank you. That was sweet. I haven't written anything in weeks worth reading, but I appreciate your friendship! Loved reading those seven things. I have only been a bridesmaid once--for my brother's wedding.

alecat said...

Well, you're a braver girl than I! There's no way I'd abseil over a waterfall. Yes, I can imagine it would have been fun (if the rope hadn't swollen), and Mariposa would be up there in a flash if offered, but me ... no!

I do share your "English accent" though. My parents were often asked, "So when did you migrate from England?" Umm .... we're 5th/6th generation Australian. Maybe it's just our (good) diction?

seekingmyLord said...

I pick up accents at the drop of a hat as well. I really have to work at purposely not doing it, but that is also an acting skill, so it can come in handy if one acts.

Ganeida said...

Thank you joyfulmum. I am enjoying getting to know you also. ☺

Bonnie: I like to share the love around.

alecat: I think it is good diction & acting training. One is much more aware of enounciating clearly. Then again, my GF was Scots & none of his kids had a Scots accent ~ & that's an accent that's hard to lose!

Seeking: Yes indeed ~ & my girls & I do like to muck round with accents. Makes it hard to have your own though. We just sound like an odd mish~mash.

Amanda said...

Ganeida, thank you my friend! Sometimes you have dig hard to find the treasure but I do hope there is some there!

Now, my darling, I don't know if you meant to be humourous in this post of not, but I got so many laughs out of it. Imagining you dangling like a spider on it's web's thread and the possom knocking at the door were just a few of the things that I was tickled by.

I do love your writing style... it is great reading!! "needy, that's what I am" LOL LOL. love it!

Jo said...

Ganeida - when I read peoples blog I imagine them talking to me, so my dear you speak beautifully (nothing odd at all!) - I too am hopeless at accents (and learning languages) and what a sweet story of the possum (our friendly possum drives us made all summer!).

I always wanted to be a bridesmaid in that fancy dress - it took along time, but finally 10 years ago I was Maid-of-honour for my best friend Wendy and I had a ball.

And THANKYOU for your wonderful and kind words - I love art and cats and I love to share that love around. So glad you are part of that love!!!

Sandra said...

No matter how many of these you do, you always have something interesting to tell. I am one of those awards refusers. After so many, I literally had nothing new to tell about myself!

I was struck by your words, "It always reminds me how important it is adults keep promises to children." How very true.

Ganeida said...

Sandra: I wasn't taking postshots, I promise. I just found that particular quote funny. And I think you sell yourself short. I'd nominate
your blog for every award going every time. I love your style ~ as I think you know. As I'm not the horsey type obviously you have something else going for you. I anticipate your winter with pleasure knowing you will be posting more regularly! lol

Sandra said...

i knew you weren't. I just sayin' I'm one of them! I have not got a single one more 7 things in me. : )