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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sewing exercise number 2.

If I stitch fast enough does it count as aerobic exercise? UnknownDitz, having managed the long flanelette PJ bottoms was allowed to rip on the pretty,
slippery~ slidey fabric that I was dreading.

The straight seams presented no difficulties. It was the hems I just knew would cause trouble so having thought about it I made another trip to the fabric store for some pretty pink matching bias binding & gave Ditz a lesson in the fine art of bias binding & the joy of using it in a difficult situation.

Her stitching isn't so very straight but her garment is wearable & she made it her very own self ~ well, mostly. I admit I did most of the waistband on this one as Ditz was having all sorts of trouble thanks to the cut of the pattern.

And to finish it off I found these charming apple buttons! Isn't that sweet?

Voila! One pair of boxers.
Next week's assignment is the long PJs for our Irish friend. Same satiny material but now we know what we are doing Ditz should be able to whip these up in no time at all.


The HoJo's said...

Wow, impressive!

(who is happy not to know what bias binding is) :o)

Persuaded said...

URGH! I wrote pout a long comment and it got eaten somehow. The computer keeps insisting that "cookies are disabled"... when of course they are not. ahh well.

In short: great job, I am very impressed, especially with satin bias trim on a satin garment, very lovely but very difficult! Adorable button☺ You are off to a wonderful start... like I said, I am very impressed♥

Sandra said...

Some mighty fancy drawers! Good job, both of you.

seekingmyLord said...

All I can think of is one Ditz sliding over and going thump out of her bed onto the floor, apples buttons and all.

Ganeida said...

Hokos: To be sure I wish I didn't either but when all's said & done, better the bias than trying to hem the stuff. ☺

Diane: lol The bias was heaps easier to do than actually trying to hem this material. Ditz had a slight meltdown over the waistband which just seems wrong to me so I figured the hems would be even less joy. It worked really well & fancies them up as well. ☺

Sandra: That is so kind of you when I know perfectly well you or Diane would have done a 10X better job of it! ♥ Still, I can't afford $500 gowns so Ditz had best get really good really fast!

Seeking: I know just what you mean! & the cats adore that fabric. We had the devil's own job trying to cut out while the cats tag~teamed over the top of us & rolled ecstatically round in the middle of the material! Gotta love a happy cat. ♥

Jo said...

Yes, very game to try slippery fabric - well done:) - love those apples

Amanda said...

Well done! They are very cute, especially with the little apple buttons.