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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Laugh, Liddy, Laugh.

My computer is having an absolute spac attack & I'm not sure what's wrong so it may be a while before I can post pics. Certainly the graphics are very strange just now.

However, to my mother's bemusement, I managed to completely miss the Gateway Bridge on our way north to her. Who knows how. Neither Ditz nor I have a clue. Instead we meandered through the stony heart of Brisbane & through the Clem Tunnel! As I hyperventelated begging Ditz to stay alert & make sure I was still heading north, Ditz cheerfully fed me a steady diet of rasberry drops. "Breath, mother. I think you need another raspberry drop." By the time we were actually on the highway I was probably overdosed on sugar & a serious danger to myself & everyone else.

I have decided the difference between Lid & I is Lid is detail oriented like my mother & Ditz & I are big picture thinkers. That we took the long way round didn't faze either of us. We got to look at some new scenery & found suburbs I didn't even know existed. I would, however, like to know how where we went wrong. Ditz agrees with me that there are 2 turns off Old Cleveland Road & we take the 2nd ~ which apparently is not what the map says. Given we didn't look at a map we wouldn't know. I do know we didn't do what we should have but we got there safely in the end & we were always meandering in the right general direction. It's only the specifics that do us in ~ each & every time!


Sandra said...

I think the raspberry drops did the trick. Who can worry about such trivial things as missing an exit when you have lovely candy.

Bonnie said...

Oh that is so funny! What a great story! My DH is a big picture guy and I am a detail person. It makes for some interesting push/pull scenarios, but we make it work. Sometimes detail people need to learn to relax and enjoy the big picture (speaking to myself here).

Libby said...

Wow! I think that is all I can say!!!

Amanda said...

When you say two turns off Old Cleveland Road, which direction were you coming from? Were you on Old Cleveland Road? You poor darling, those Brisbane roads and highways can be a little confusing sometimes.

I don't know how you could miss the Gateway (main highway), that heads to the Toll bridge, but you did it! LOL, and what is more impressive is that you still got to your destination. ;)

When coming from the city, along Old Cleveland, there is a sudden left turn that you should make, which takes you onto the Gateway. Miss that, and you head towards Capalaba. Done that a few times lol. But I am thinking you were travelling from a different direction, as you ended up in the City.