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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Soccer & a book.

It is with relief that I can report Spain actually scored a goal in the World Cup final. In extra time. I thought we were going to a penalty shoot out. I hate penalty shoot outs. I think it's an appalling way to decide a game. Eat your heart out Liddy. Spain played beautiful, beautiful football. The Dutch, sad to say, played like Neanderthal thugs for most of the game. As they were bigger & heaver than Spain it was like watching a little car go into the crushers but in the end the better team won. Whew. All done for another 4 years.

More interestingly [yes, I know my interests tend to swing from one extreme to another; sorry about that] I was browsing the YA section of our local library for something for Ditz to take away. I'm rarely enchanted with anything I find in the YA section. Vampires, vampires & more vampires. Ditz isn't allowed vampires. They give me nightmares.

Anyway, I brought home two books, both of which had Ditz rolling her eyes. She's read neither of them. I, one the other hand, read this one: A Swift Pure Cry by Siobhan Dowd. Firstly, not sure that it's a YA book. If you are fussy about your child's reading matter then it's definitely not suitable reading matter as it includes themes of alcoholism, illicit sex, out of wedlock births & murder by exposure. Sound nasty? Surprisingly it's not. Frankly I didn't find it depressing either though it seems plenty of readers have.

What's to like? Lots for my money. The language is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. A little idiomatic in places but not so as to be obscure. It captures exactly a particular place, a particular mindset [of being Irish Catholic in a very small conservative Irish village] & a particular age. Mind you any girl who goes with a boy who's idea of courting is to make up rude rhymes about the girl is a little peculiar but Shell has her reasons. Her mother has died. Her father has retreated into the bottle & religion & Shell is responsible for her younger siblings. Put like that it does sound depressing but Shell never feels sorry for herself. She just gets on with things, muddling through the best she knows how. Shell doesn't always make the best & brightest decisions [whoever does?] but she is brave & staunch & she makes what she can of the opportunities available to her.

No, not a Ditz book; but I enjoyed it very much indeed. I'll be looking for more of this author's work. What is depressing me is we're back schooling this week. *sigh* Material cut out & ready to go. How green is My Valley on our reading list for this that is something to look forward to whatever Ditz thinks. A social whirl for Ditz while the Irish are in town. We're all good.


Jo said...

Sounds interesting - she wrote few books I noticed. I too DISLIKE vampire books, why are girls so attracted to them.

As to the soccer - glad that it is over!!

joyfulmum said...

Ah! I finally come across a h/s blogger who blogged about the soccer, I was beginning to despair (not!) our house has been filled with soccer chat and dh has even got 6 yr old dd up to watch the early morning matches, I'm certainly glad it's over:)
Nice to visit your blog, I'm sorry it's taken me so long to make it over to yours, I always see your comments on some of the other blogs I follow though!

Ganeida said...

Jo: missed the attraction to vampires. Does my head in.

Welcome joyful mum. I have refrained from in depth analysis of the games I saw. lol Unfortunately most of mine play & several were rather good so I have been inducted into the *world game*. Sometimes wonder if the whole one world thing won't come down to a game of soccer.

Sandra said...

I also don't get the vampire obsession. Swooning over something that is dead? Strange.

I'm glad you enjoyed the book for Ditz. "How Green Is My Valley" is worth looking forward to. Tell Ditz I said so.

seekingmyLord said...

There is a vampire obsession going on with girls? I am so pleased to say I am obviously outdated and ignorant on this one. Perhaps being an aged homeschooling mother with some old fashion ideas about what a young girl should watch and read has its advantages after all. Maybe this is one fad we will miss out on completely--a hope, at least.

Ganeida said...

Sandra: lol That kid don't like nuthin' just now ~ & I plan the movie for her too!

Seeking: Don't get it. Lib says it's just a love story but I'm afraid I don't get that either. We are not so immune as some but the line gets drawn somewhere & I definitly baulk at vampires. ☺

alecat said...

I have an award I'd like to share with you.
Feel free to claim it or just enjoy it. :)